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Deficit of selenium


80-200 mkg – standard daily rate  selenium-methionine, selenium-cysteine for the adult.

During the periods of the raised loadings, "selenic holes", and also at various diseases – the standard daily rate is subject to adjustment towards increase to 800-1200 mkg.

For the person weighing 70 kg (the average person) of loss of selenium a day make about 150 mkg: excretion with urine - 30 mkg, with a stake - 20 mkg, with then - 80 mkg, with hair - 0,3mkg. It is well known about existence of correlation between the high content of selenium in a diet and low cancer mortality.

Normal it is possible to consider intake of selenium of 150-200 mkg (0,15-0,2 mg) in days.

Exceeding of this dose by 100 times is capable to cause toxic effect, reduction of a dose by 4-5 times causes symptoms of insufficiency of selenium. For the weakened people or the heavy metals which are exposed to toxic influence the dose is recommended to raise to 300 mg a day.

Selenium is well soaked up from digestive tract. At reception of vegetable food about 60-80% of the selenium which is contained in food are soaked up.
At the use of animal products - only 8,5-25%, because of difficulty of splitting of compounds of selenium with animal protein.

Symptoms of Deficit of selenium:

Selenium is present at the nature is heterogeneous. In places of biogeochemical zones with low contents it in soils various mass diseases of farm animals, for example, a white muscle disease of newborns and young growth (lambs, pigs, calfs) are revealed.

At the person insufficiency of selenium is shown by the following signs:

    * sharp decrease in working capacity (physical and intellectual);
    * bystry development of occupational diseases in the persons working at harmful productions (couples or the air suspensions containing mercury, lead, cadmium, benzene, etc.);
    * decrease in cellular and humoral immunity, frequent catarrhal or skin pustulous diseases;
    * slow regeneration (healing of wounds) after injuries, cuts or ulcerations;
    * the increased tendency to liver diseases;
    * vision disorder (jokes, accommodations, etc. manifestations);
    * emergence of sexual weakness, impotence.

Reasons of Deficit of selenium:

Its low availability from soils is the main reason of low content of selenium in food stuffs. The matter is that applying synthetic fertilizers for many years, agriculture specialists entered significant amounts of sulfur and phosphorus into the soil. As it appeared, both of these elements reduce availability of selenium from soils. Thus, all plants growing on such soils contain the low level of selenium. And the low content of selenium, for example, in wheat leads to the fact that selenium is not enough also in bakery products. On the other hand, if wheat, barley and corn which are the main fodder means for livestock production contain the low level of selenium, then eggs, meat and milk will also be grown poor.

Acidulation of soils which also happens in the course of agriculture is other reason of low availability of selenium. From such earth selenium is not acquired too.

Most often the postponed liver diseases, an intestinal dysbiosis, intoxications are the reason of deficit (organic matters, metals, arsenic, etc.).

Many regions differ in the low content of selenium in soils (The northwest of Russia, Transbaikalia, the Irkutsk region, Belarus, the Baltics, the Volga region).

Treatment of Deficit of selenium:

At moderate deficit of selenium it is necessary to increase consumption of the products rich with selenium, such as vitamins E, And, S and BADP containing 20-50 mkg of selenium. It is necessary to avoid receipt in an organism of heavy metals, arsenic, alcoholic drinks; whenever possible, to reduce reception of the substances and pharmaceutical drugs possessing a hepatotoxic action. At the expressed deficit of selenium it is necessary to increase its reception in the form of BADP or pharmaceuticals to 100-400 mkg a day, up to parenteral administration. At intoxication selenium it is necessary to use chelating therapy, and also symptomatic means.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Deficit of selenium:

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