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Hypophysis adenoma


Adenomas of a hypophysis it is benign tumors from ferruterous fabric which is in a front share of a hypophysis.
Adenomas of a hypophysis can be hormonal inactive (insidentaloma) if cells of which they consist do not produce hormones, and hormonal active.

Treat hormonal active adenomas of a hypophysis:
somatotropinprodutsiruyushchy adenoma:
producing a growth hormone – Somatotropinum;
prolaktinsekretiruyushchy adenoma:
in this adenoma hormone prolactin is synthesized;
it is the hypophysis adenoma cosecreting the adrenocorticotropic hormone stimulating work of bark of adrenal glands;
producing the tirotropny hormone stimulating work of a thyroid gland;
folltropinprodutsiruyushchy or lyutropinprodutsiruyushchy (gonadotropic). It is the hypophysis adenoma producing the gonadotropic hormones stimulating work of gonads.
Are classified by the size of adenoma of a hypophysis on:
microadenomas (from 1 mm to 2 cm in the diameter)
macroadenomas – more than 2 cm in the diameter.

Hypophysis Adenoma symptoms:

Displays of adenoma of a hypophysis depend on what hormone is produced by cells as a part of adenoma, from the sizes of adenoma and speed of its growth.

The adenoma producing somatotropic hormone are shown by developing of an acromegalia or if they arise at children's age, giantism.

The adenoma synthesizing prolactin is the most frequent of hypophysis adenomas. It grows usually slowly and it is shown by increase in mammary glands and release of milk from mammary glands. Such adenoma can sometimes produce defective hormone and clinically not be shown.

Kortikotropinoma synthesizing adrenocorticotropic hormone is shown by the strengthened products of adrenal hormones and a hypercorticoidism. Usually such adenoma synthesizes a lot of corticotropic hormone, but grows slowly.

Tirotropinoma arises usually at patients with gipotirozy (insufficiency of function of a thyroid gland). It can cause тиротоксикоз which is extremely steady against treatment, both medicamentous, and surgical.

Adenomas which produce hormones the regulating functions of gonads (gonadotropinom) cause developing of impotence and a gynecomastia in men, women have a disturbance of a menstrual cycle, uterine bleedings.

Extremely seldom malignant adenomas of a hypophysis meet. In process of growth of adenoma there are manifestations from the central nervous system. Near a hypophysis there is an optic chiasm (hiazma) therefore if adenoma increases to two centimeters, there are vision disorders. At a research got sight, reveal their narrowing. On an eyeground, at increase in the sizes of adenoma, find hypostasis of optic papillas. Finally there can be an atrophy of optic nerves which investigation sharp falling of sight, to a blindness. With significant growth in adenoma disturbances from cranial nerves join.

Hypophysis Adenoma reasons:

Origins of adenomas of a hypophysis are completely not found out so far. As the contributing factors are considered:
- infectious processes in a nervous system
- injuries of a skull and brain
- various adverse effects on a fruit during pregnancy.
Recently significance and to prolonged use of oral contraceptive drugs is attached.

Treatment of Adenoma of a hypophysis:

Drug treatment of adenoma of a hypophysis is carried out by means of purpose of drug Parlodelum (Bromocriptinum). It was the most effective at treatment prolactin.

From beam methods of treatment are used:
remote radiation therapy
gamma therapy
proton therapy
radio surgical method.

The radio surgical method consists in administration of radioactive materials in adenoma. Beam methods of treatment yield good results at small adenomas.

Neurosurgical treatment is carried out at emergence of vision disorders, at the complicated adenomas (hemorrhage to adenoma, formation of a cyst in the field of adenoma).

Operations with use of microsurgical transsphenoidal approach are now carried out. Operational treatment usually yields good results, especially, if the adenoma sizes small.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Adenoma of a hypophysis:

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    Antineoplastic drugs.

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