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The gynecomastia is a high-quality increase in chest glands or gland at men. The gynecomastia happens true (it is caused by growth of ferruterous fabric - tissues of a mammary gland), and also false (it is connected with massive fatty deposits at obesity which increase the volume of chest gland).

Gynecomastia symptoms:

Reason of a true gynecomastia: dominance in an organism of the man of female sex hormones (estrogen). The gynecomastia can arise at decrease in level of male sex hormones, in particular testosterone.
    Most often the gynecomastia meets during the periods of "hormonal peaks": at newborn children, during puberty (12 - 15 years), at advanced age (45 years are more senior). During these periods of life of the man the gynecomastia meets rather often and carries the name a physiological or idiopathic gynecomastia. Tumors of adrenal glands, testicles, tumors of a pancreas, a stomach and lungs, primary hypogonadism can also be the cause of a gynecomastia.
    Reception of some medicines, for example, of corticosteroids can cause a gynecomastia.
The gynecomastia at long existence increases risk of development of cancer of chest gland. If in the presence of a gynecomastia there are bloody allocations from a nipple, either there were consolidations, or there is a change of skin over education, or there were ulcerations, or axillary lymph nodes increased, it is necessary to seem to the specialist immediately.

Gynecomastia reasons:

- emergence of a gelosis of chest gland and its increase,
- the fabric which is formed at a gynecomastia has higher density,
- rapid growth of ferruterous fabric,
- painful feelings at touch (pains can decrease and disappear).

Treatment of the Gynecomastia:

Conservative treatment of a gynecomastia
    Conservative treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis under observation of the endocrinologist. It depends on a disease form. Need of treatment of a youthful gynecomastia, the choice of a method and terms of holding medical actions are dictated by psychological state of the patient. It is possible to adhere to waiting tactics as most often in 2 — 3 at a youthful gynecomastia there is a spontaneous regression of the increased mammary glands.

Operational treatment of a gynecomastia
    Indications for surgical treatment of a gynecomastia:
- large volume of chest glands,
- if gynecomastias over a year,
- inefficiency of conservative therapy,
- obviously expressed cosmetic defect.
    Operational treatment consists in removal of tissue of mammary glands through a periareolyarny section, or removal of fat by means of liposuction, or a combination of both methods. If the patient has a pseudo-gynecomastia (adiposities in the field of chest jellies), then treatment of a gynecomastia is an optimum method non-invasive laser liposuction by means of the device Smartlipo.

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