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To Spr


To Spr (afta tropical, white diarrhea) — a chronic disease with the phenomena of a persistent fermentative diarrhea, a glossitis, anemia, general exhaustion and a hypocrinism.

Symptoms to Spr:

The disease begins gradually. There are insignificant dispeptic frustration, later a repeated diarrhea, a plentiful passage of flatus, rumbling and abdominal pains. The chair is plentiful, foamy, low-painted (white diarrhea). The stomach is blown up, the intestines hyperperistalsis is visible. The liver and a spleen are not increased. Hypersalivation is noted. Language is bright red, nipples are atrophied, sores on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, a throat, a gullet are found. Temperature increases owing to development of complications. Quite often the diuresis raises. At a research a calla barmy fungi, undigested muscle fibers and fat are found.
From a nervous system polyneurites are quite often observed, psychoses are possible. In blood — secondary anemia.
At deeply come dystrophy the atrophy thyroid and epithelial bodies is observed various degree, and it is frequent also gonads with development in women of an amenorrhea, and in men there are impotences. Addisonizm symptoms (hypotonia, a xanthopathy, an adynamia) and pituitary insufficiency develop gradually. The long diarrhea leads to sharp dehydration of an organism, exhaustion, development of a cachexia.

Reasons for Spr:

The etiology is not established. One authors connect a disease with development in intestines of barmy fungi, others — with avitaminosis, hot climate and endocrine insufficiency.
Epidemics are not observed; separate cases are registered. Meets in the countries tropical and subtropical climate; in the USSR — in the republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia ("чилляшир"). Pregnant women, the feeding women and old men are ill more often.
In a pathogeny to a spr the fermentative process in intestines developing owing to long carbohydrate food, leading to developing of intestinal dysbacteriosis matters. The destructive catarrh of a wall of a small bowel with the subsequent mucosal atrophy leads to disturbance of nutritive absorption, vitamins. Difficult exchange disturbances, deficit of proteins and vitamins (especially groups B) lead to development of hematologic symptoms and endocrine insufficiency.

Treatment to Spr:

Apply the medicines and a diet allowing to normalize function of intestines. Appoint an antifermentative proteinaceous and fatty diet (proteins 140 — 160 g, fats of 65 — 70 g), garnet juice, infusion of garnet crusts, vitamins. Exclude farinaceous dishes, milk, sugar, potatoes, fresh fruit. At normalization of a chair carefully enter carbohydrates. At the same time appoint folic acid (0,1 g 3 times a day within 2 — 3 weeks), B12 vitamin  (100 — 200 at every other day, 20 injections), a large amount of B1, V2, V6 vitamins, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, vitamin A, calcium chloride intravenously of 10 ml of 10% of solution. Inside appoint a gastric juice. In hard cases apply hormones, transfuse blood.
The persons who transferred a spra are recommended to change climate of tropical countries for moderate.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment to Spr:

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