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Sharp-pointed condylomas


Sharp-pointed condylomas — a kind of condylomas represent small outgrowths of corporal color which can appear on generative organs, around an anus, sometimes in a mouth. As a rule they are caused by the viral infection caused by the activator — the virus of papilloma of the person (VPP).

Symptoms of Sharp-pointed condylomas:

At the vast majority of the people infected with VPCh (any type) it is not shown in any way. The virus is under control of immune system.

Sharp-pointed condylomas arise only at 1-2% of the people infected with VPCh of "low risk". Their emergence and a possible further recurrence are connected with easing of the general and local immunity.

Sharp-pointed condylomas usually arise in places which are injured at sexual contacts. From the infection moment before emergence of sharp-pointed condylomas can pass from several weeks to several years.

On generative organs warty formations of pink or corporal color appear. The size of elements – from 1 mm to several centimeters. Rashes can grow, gradually taking a cauliflower form.

At men sharp-pointed condylomas most often arise on a balanus, a head wreath, a bridle of a prepuce and an internal leaf of a prepuce.

At women the bridle of vulvar lips, big and small vulvar lips, a clitoris, an outside opening of an urethra, an entrance of the vagina, a hymen, a vagina and a neck of uterus is surprised.

As at men, and women sharp-pointed condylomas can arise around an anus. Such localization of rashes is usually not connected with proctal sexual contacts. The matter is that VPCh strikes not the limited site, but big sites of skin (as a rule, it is all skin of generative organs, inguinal area, a crotch, skin around an anus).

The course of sharp-pointed condylomas depends on immune system. The following options are possible:

- gradual growth of condylomas (both sizes, and their quantity)
- lack of changes (for a long time)
- independent permission

Complications of sharp-pointed condylomas:
- can be injured and bleed
- can interfere with normal sex life
- can disturb how cosmetic defect
- can cause psychological discomfort and decrease in a self-assessment
- can interfere with normal childbirth

Displays of an infection of VPCh of "high risk":

VPCh infection of "high risk (16, 18, 31, 33 and 35)" in most cases proceeds asymptomatically. These types of a virus can cause a dysplasia of a neck of uterus, and also increase risk of cancer of neck of uterus.

Клинические проявления остроконечных кондилом

Clinical displays of sharp-pointed condylomas

Reasons of Sharp-pointed condylomas:

Developing of this disease is usually connected with infection with the virus of papilloma of the person (VPP). More than in 50% of cases infection occurs sexually. A human papillomavirus infection of genitalias and a crotch (PVI) — an eurysynusic disease. The number of the people having this pathology in the world for the last decade increased more than by 10 times. The most typical display of a human papillomavirus infection are sharp-pointed condylomas of anogenitalny area. Frequency of this disease in Russia makes 20 — 21 case on 100 000 population.

However it should be noted that the contact with viruses of papilloma of the person not always leads to development of a disease. It is considered that development of a viral infection happens against the background of decrease in reactivity of humoral immunity.

In most cases clinical manifestations develop in the presence of the contributing factors which treat:

    * the young age, age of patients preferential from 17 to 33 years, most often are ill at the age of 20 — 24;
    * early sexual activity, frequent change of partners, unprotected sexual contacts, proctal sex;
    * presence of the sexual partners coming into sexual contacts with sick anogenitalny condylomas.

Patients with sharp-pointed anogenitalny condylomas are an infection source. Approximately at 65% of patients clinical signs of a disease arise within 90 days from the moment of sexual contact with the partner infected with VPCh.

There is a number of the clinical trials proving communication of infection of VPCh and increase in risk of emergence of malignant new growths.

Treatment of Sharp-pointed condylomas:

At this pathology treatment combines both conservative therapy, and surgical methods of treatment. However it should be noted that in most cases treatment has symptomatic and fortifying character. Causal treatment of this disease consists in an eradikation of a virus of papilloma of the person. What is at a loss polymorphism of a virus, and high cost of causal treatment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Sharp-pointed condylomas:

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