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Cervicobrachial syndrome


It is a complex of the neurologic syndromes which are shown neck pain, a shoulder girdle and hands. The cervicobrachial syndrome is the age disease characteristic of people of 30-50 years. Earlier postponed dislocations of a shoulder, an injury of a clavicle, muscles of a shoulder girdle and a neck, dystrophy or inflammations of the IV-VII vertebrae of cervical department, regular tension of hands (most often, professional) can be its reasons.

Symptoms of the Cervicobrachial syndrome:

1) a humeroscapular periarthrosis - the dystrophy of mucous bags, sheaves and sinews of muscles of a shoulder girdle which is not affecting a joint. A characteristic symptom are the unexpected omalgias giving to a neck and a hand and accruing at the movement, restriction of mobility of a joint;

  2) a syndrome "a shoulder - a brush": in fact, the humeroscapular periarthrosis which is followed by hypostasis, cyanosis, sweating disturbance, high temperature of skin of a brush and a radiocarpal joint, disturbance of mobility of fingers;

  3) эпикодилез a shoulder (an elbow periarthrosis) - dystrophy of connecting tissue of sinews of an elbow joint and the muscles fastening to a shoulder. It is characterized by unexpected pains and burning sensation, especially at the movement in an elbow joint;

  4) a cervical lumbago - the neck pain giving to a shoulder girdle or a nape. This pain can be a constant, and can arise unexpectedly and sharply (patients compare it to current rush). At long stay in the same situation, the movements of a neck pain amplifies.

  The diagnosis a cervicobrachial syndrome is specified by means of data of a X-ray and X-ray contrast inspection, if necessary conduct an electromyography, a research of cerebrospinal liquid.

Reasons of the Cervicobrachial syndrome:

Degenerative and dystrophic defeat of cervical department of a backbone (the deforming spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis of intervertebral disks), injuries of cervical vertebrae, dislocation-fractures of a clavicle, shoulder, an injury of muscles of a shoulder girdle (restretching are the main reasons for a cervicobrachial syndrome at physical overworks, especially at unexercised people), the chronic professional tension of hands (for example, at hairdressers, painters). Some anomalies of a backbone (splitting of arches of vertebrae, an asymmetric arrangement of joint cracks), existence of cervical edges, a thickening of the first edge or clavicle, etc. belong to the contributing factors. More rare cervicobrachial a syndrome develop at inflammatory processes in cervical vertebrae (a spondylitis, a spondylarthritis) or neck tissues, and also at tumoral processes in a neck. Acute infectious and allergic diseases, the general and local overcoolings, etc. can provoke development of these syndromes.

Treatment of the Cervicobrachial syndrome:

For treatment of a cervicobrachial syndrome use the sedative drugs, muscle relaxants (Seduxenum, Mydocalmum, etc.) improving blood circulation (комиламин, xavinum, etc.) and hyposensibilizing, antiedematouses, stimulators of trophic and regenerative processes, at severe pains - novocainic blockade. Also sick appoint acupuncture, фонофорез with a hydrocortisone and an Euphyllinum, physiotherapy exercises, massage.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Cervicobrachial syndrome:

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