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Synovitis - an inflammation of a synovial membrane of a joint with education of an exudate in it. The knee joint is surprised most often.

Synovitis symptoms:

Traumatic synovitis. Results from banal destruction of surrounding fabrics.  At the same time at all patients formation of an exudate to the area of a joint is noted. Let's note that the traumatic synovitis of a knee joint can arise also without any visible injury, for example, as a result of insufficiency of the copular device.
Acute traumatic synovitis of joints. The acute synovitis which symptoms are shown rather brightly already at the first stages of a disease needs to be distinguished from a hemarthrosis. Strong indications of an acute synovitis is a change of a shape of a joint, fervescence, severe pain at a palpation, formation of an exudate. Also in the presence to this form at patients strong restriction of mobility of a joint which leads to considerable deterioration of life is noted.

Chronic traumatic synovitis of joints. The chronic form of a disease meets rather seldom. At early stages its diagnosis is a serious problem as clinical manifestations are expressed very poorly. As the result, a chronic synovitis of a knee joint which treatment began too late leads to numerous complications. It is easier to prevent any disease, than to treat, and the synovitis did not become an exception to the rules. Originally inflammatory process is shown in the form of bystry fatigue when walking and the insignificant aching pains. Then in the joint plane the exudate leading to a so-called hydroarthrosis begins to accumulate. After that there is a sprain progressing to dislocations of a joint and a full immovability of the person. Small nuance: effects to which can lead a chronic synovitis of a knee joint are connected even not with bystry development of pathology, and disturbance of blood circulation and a lymphokinesis in the field of the struck fabrics. For this reason doctors pay much attention to questions of treatment of a synovitis and early diagnosis of a disease.

Synovitis reasons:

Quite often the synovitis arises after a joint injury, and also at arthritis, an allergy, hemophilia.

Treatment of the Synovitis:

Treatment of an inflammation of joints is performed in a complex. First of all, doctors adjust anatomic and metabolic disturbances around the inflammation center. The issue of need of surgical intervention for each case is resolved separately taking into account weight of damages and the nature of the happened changes. For this purpose to the patient carry out a puncture – diagnostic manipulation which assumes a puncture of skin and capture of a sample of fabrics. The synovitis which symptoms are expressed too strongly demands rigid stabilization of a joint by means of imposing of tires and a hypothermia. But without serious indications it is impossible to resort to this measure as often it leads to unpleasant complications.

The recuring synovitis of joints frequent today is successfully treated by means of drugs which neutralize emergence of a recurrence – Brufenum, indometacin, heparin, Rumalonum and salicylates. Physiotherapeutic procedures are also shown to patients (an electrophoresis, UVCh, фонофорез). Their use demands the corresponding knowledge and therefore it is desirable to attend these procedures only after consultation with the experienced specialist.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Synovitis:

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