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The synovioma, or synovial sarcoma is among the tumors proceeding from synovial membranes of joints, synovial vaginas and synovial bags. Preferential localization of primary center of a synovioma - joints of the lower extremities.

Synovioma symptoms:

Clinically the disease is shown by existence of slowly growing tumor in the thickness of soft tissues of extremities. If the synovioma is localized in joint fabrics, then originally it can be taken for a ganglion or a bursitis. The painful symptom is not always expressed as a tumor of a myagkotkanny origin, but painful pains are sometimes observed;. difficult acting medicines. If the synovioma owing to steady growth begins to hinder the movements in a joint, then pains of various intensity are caused by the movements in it.


On the roentgenogram it is possible to find homogeneous blackout with diffuse edges sometimes of a lobular form. But it is quite difficult to find tumor borders with surrounding fabrics in a number of patients. The angiography (regional arteriography) at which are found the increased network of vessels in the field of a tumor, "obrublennost" of separate arterial branches (a symptom of amputation of a vessel) has great diagnostic value. At localization of a synovioma directly in the capsule of a joint the reactive synovitis can develop, at a puncture of such joint it is possible to find bloody synovial fluid.

The synovioma gives metastasises in regional lymph nodes, bones and internals, for example in the lungs radiological revealed in the form of multiple blackouts or diffusion infiltrates.

The histologic picture of a synovioma is characterized spindle-shaped or a kuboidalny form by the epithelial cells located in the form of gyrose columns or chaotic accumulations, which are only very bearing a faint resemblance to a normal structure of a synovial membrane ("a caricature of a synovial membrane"). In drugs sometimes find cracks and the cystous cavities limited to a layer of spindle-shaped or pillared cells. In these cavities liquid with the high content of mucin accumulates.

Reliable diagnosis is based on klinikorentgenologichesky and angiographic symptoms, but in some cases the biopsy with the subsequent pathomorphologic research of a bioptat is required. It should be noted, however, that after a biopsy growth of a tumor is stimulated, its innidiation progresses.

Синовиома (рентгенограмма)

Synovioma (roentgenogram)

Treatment of a synovioma:

Treatment is surgical: excision of a tumor or amputation of an extremity. The choice of operation is defined by the tumor size, its localization, extent of infiltration in surrounding fabrics, a histologic structure. After operation carry out radiation therapy. Along with it use chemotherapy (hlorambutsit, Actinomycinum of D).

The forecast is doubtful. In 5 years from an initiation of treatment only about 7% of patients survive.

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