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The bursitis is an inflammation of a circumarticular bag (the soft sack pocket filled with liquid, acting as laying pillow between sinews or muscles and bones). Circumarticular bags are located between sinews and bones, that is in sites where the considerable mechanical pressure where also synovial bags are located is created.

Bursitis symptoms:

The leading symptom of a bursitis is emergence local roundish fluctuating, often painful at a palpation and the movements of a swelling in the field of which temperature is usually increased. However on the course of a disease distinguish an acute and chronic bursitis.

The acute bursitis begins suddenly with the severe pain amplifying at the movements. Depending on the place of an inflammation of a bag pain is provoked by the movement in a certain joint. So, for example, at a humeral bursitis it is difficult for patient to get a hand for the head (at a combing). Over the inflamed joint there is extremely painful point in which pain often gives to a neck or down the surfaces of a hand. Its such strengthening is possible at night because of what the patient stays all night long on a chair, having been unable neither to fall asleep, nor to lie.

At a chronic bursitis pain is weaker, but proceeds longer. And the fabric expanding around a joint as if connects bones that sometimes leads to constant restriction of the movement of a joint.

Bursitis in an elbow joint most often develops as a result of an intermittent trauma in the course of professional activity or sports activities. Generally the hypodermic synovial bag of an elbow shoot is surprised, the lucheplechevy bag at a lateral epicondyle is more rare.

In the field of a hip joint is more often than others superficial and deep bags of a big spit inflame. The iliopectineal bursitis since this synovial bag often connects to a cavity of a joint is difficult diagnosed and its inflammation reminds a coxitis. The swelling and morbidity are determined by the anteriointernal surface of a hip below an inguinal sheaf. Strengthening of pains is noted at extension of a hip. At an inflammation of the sciatic bag located at the place of an attachment of muscles to a sciatic hillock, pains amplify when bending a hip.

In a knee joint upper patellar and front hypodermic prepatellar synovial bags most often are surprised. Synovial bags often connect to a joint cavity or with each other, their inflammation is followed by arthritis symptoms. At an inflammation of synovial bags in the field of the posterointernal surface of a joint Baker's cyst which can fill all popliteal space and a part of a back surface of a shin is sometimes formed. At the same time the prelum of a tibial nerve with development of paresis of muscles of a shin is possible.

In the field of foot of others meet a heelstring bag inflammation (achillobursitis) more often, and also a subcalcaneal bag (a subcalcaneal bursitis). The inflammation and dystrophic process in this area lead to formation of a spur of a calcaneus.

Bursitis reasons:

Usually the inflammation of a joint is connected with its wrong or excess "use". Also the bursitis can arise owing to injuries of a circumarticular bag or nearby sinews. The repeating physical tension, for example waves at playing golf can become the reason of a bursitis. The disease known under the name "maid's knees" or "water in a knee" is an inflammation of a bursa as a result of standing on a lap during cleaning. Other possible reasons - arthritis and gout - cause an inflammation of joints and sinews on all body, respectively, can affect also bursas. Such damage can be followed by decrease in mobility of a joint, reddening, hypostasis and occasionally temperature increase in a joint.

Treatment of the Bursitis:

Treatment of a bursitis depends on extent of pathological changes in fabrics of the struck bags, their prevalence, ability of an infection to distribution and body resistance of the patient.

Treatment of an acute bursitis conservative. As a rule, it will be out in out-patient conditions. In the first 5–7 days rest is recommended, impose a plaster splint and appoint antiinflammatory drugs. However treatment by rest should not last more than ten days. One - twice a day even if painfully, it is necessary to bend and unbend the inflamed joint, do not leave it in a full immovability as if not to work a joint, then irreversible restriction of mobility of a joint can develop further.

In some cases in a joint bag administer the hormonal drugs (Kenalogum-40 or a hydrocortisone) in combination with antibiotics. After elimination of signs of an acute inflammation appoint spirit compresses to night, фонофорез a hydrocortisone, carry out UVCh-therapy and UF-radiation.

At a purulent bursitis of patients direct to the surgeon as in this case the puncture or operation – opening of a synovial bag and removal of pus with the subsequent treatment of a wound by the general rules are shown.

Chronic posttraumatic bursitis treats quickly, however it is necessary to remember that at a chronic posttraumatic bursitis a recurrence is possible. And therefore the best prevention of aggravations is the prevention of repeated traumatization of synovial bags.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Bursitis:

  • Препарат Диклофенак.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP)

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia


  • Препарат Ибупрофен.


    Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs. Derivatives of propionic acid.

    JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies Republic of Belarus


  • Препарат Флексен свечи.

    Fleksen of a candle

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    Italfarmaco (Italfarmako) Italy


  • Препарат Бетаспан.


    Glucocorticosteroids for system use.

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  • Препарат Дипроспан.



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  • Препарат Траумель С.

    Traumel With

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

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  • Препарат Нимесил®.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NPVS).

    Berlin-Chemie AG/Menarini Group (Berlin-Hemi AG/Menarini Group) Germany

  • Препарат Ибупрофен.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for external use

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  • Препарат Кетотоп.


    Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs. Derivatives of propionic acid.

    JSC Himfarm Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Препарат Флексен ампулы.

    Fleksen of an ampoule

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    Italfarmaco (Italfarmako) Italy

  • Препарат Диклофенак, гель 5% 40 Г.

    Diclofenac, gel of 5% 40 G

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  • Препарат Гепатромбин С.

    Gepatrombin With

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  • Препарат Кетонал® ретард.

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  • Препарат Дексаметазона фосфат.

    Dexamethasone phosphate


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  • Препарат Ибупрофен.


    The means influencing a musculoskeletal system.

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  • Препарат Диклофенак, гель 1% 40 г.

    Diclofenac, gel of 1% 40 g

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  • Препарат Кетопрофен органика.

    Ketoprofen organic chemistry

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  • Препарат Преднизолон.



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