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The aluminosis or "aluminum lung" is a pneumoconiosis which develops as a result of steam inhalation and dust of metal aluminum and its connections.

This disease occurs at workers who are engaged in aluminum production, besides at them also katara of upper respiratory tracts (rhinitises, pharyngitises, laryngitis) develop.

Aluminosis reasons:

The most serious poisoning is observed by aluminum at workers who are engaged in aircraft construction as in this industry aluminum is widely used.

In a pathomorphologic picture of an aluminosis in lungs development of an intermediate sclerosis with growth of connecting fabric in interalveolar partitions, around vessels and bronchial tubes is noted. Aluminum collects in gleams of alveoluses. Rather often bronchiectasias meet, small - and macrofocal emphysema, besides at an aluminosis bifurcation lymph nodes are increased and condensed owing to development of fibrous fabric.

Aluminosis symptoms:

Characteristic symptoms of an aluminosis are shown very brightly as already at initial stages of a disease there are complaints to an asthma, thorax pain, cough, the general weakness, appetite loss, sometimes there is a stomach ache, nausea, locks "tearing" all body pain, dermatitis. During inspection symptoms of chronic bronchitis and emphysema of lungs are found. At progress of a disease signs of respiratory insufficiency appear.


Statement of the right diagnosis requires carrying out radiological inspection. At the same time on survey roentgenograms of lungs strengthening and deformation of the pulmonary drawing come to light, numerous uzelkovopodobny formations of rounded shape with accurate contours which size makes about 3 mm are visible. Small knots are disseminated against the background of the deformed pulmonary drawing, besides symmetric changes of structure of roots of lungs are found. Lymph nodes of bifurcation of a trachea are moderately increased, dense, gray-black color, from tyazha of connecting fabric of gray-white color. Heart is increased, the wall of a right ventricle is hypertrophied. Roentgenograms of patients with an aluminosis show that at workers the phenomena of a pneumoconiosis of I and II stages after work with aluminum within 10-15 years can develop.

Treatment of an aluminosis:

First of all it is necessary to exclude any contacts with aluminum dust. To patients appoint inhalations of oxygen and respiratory gymnastics, besides алюминиоз means carrying out bronchoalveolar lavage. At an obstructive syndrome appoint bronchial spasmolytics.

If skin tests with tuberculine are positive, then the patient should accept antitubercular drugs. At heavy disease with development of massive fibrosis there is a need of surgical intervention which consists in transplantation of lungs.

Treatment of an aluminosis is necessary as without treatment the disease causes a set of complications and provokes emergence of the accompanying diseases of respiratory tracts, in particular pheumothorax, pulmonary hypertensia, emphysema of lungs, tuberculosis, a fungal pulmonary infection. Forecasts of treatment in many respects depend on the nature of a disease and its stage.

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