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Silikatoz – the occupational diseases of lungs caused by long inhalation of dust of silicates — the minerals containing the silicon dioxide connected with other elements (magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminum).

Reasons of a silikatoz:

Silikatoz can develop during the work connected with extraction and production of silicates as well as with their processing and use.

Symptoms of a silikatoz:

Silikatoza are shown by a symptom complex of chronic bronchitis, emphysema of lungs and a pneumosclerosis. As a rule, patients are disturbed by short wind and cough. In a phlegm sometimes find "asbestos little bodies".

From complications pneumonia is most frequent. Quite often there is a respiratory insufficiency. Development of new growths with localization in a pleura, bronchial tubes, a lung is possible (to 15-20% of cases).


At survey find so-called asbestos warts on skin of extremities. At the beginning of a disease nasopharyngitis signs, sometimes and laryngitis come to light.

Treatment of a silikatoz:

In uncomplicated cases carry out treatment of respiratory insufficiency, secondary pulmonary hypertensia, fortifying, sanatorium treatment. At accession of chronic bronchitis or tuberculosis appoint the corresponding treatment. Sometimes at bystry progressing of a disease drugs of glucocorticoids in small doses are recommended.

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