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Deratofibroma (histiocytoma)


The deratofibroma is the general growth of the fibrous fabric located in a derma (internal of two main layers of skin). This quite harmless education which practically never regenerates in  cancer. Other name of a deratofibroma - a histiocytoma.

Reasons of a deratofibroma (histiocytoma):

The deratofibroma is not hereditary pathology.
There is no unambiguous reason of its education. However often the deratofibroma develops after an insignificant injury of skin, such as prick from a thorn or sting.

Symptoms of a deratofibroma (histiocytoma):

Usually the problem of a deratofibroma consists in cosmetic (esthetic) defect. Sometimes patients show complaints to an itch and morbidity at a palpation or a touch. If a deratofibroma (histiocytoma) are standing, shaving of skin over them can arise bleeding.
The deratofibroma is defined as small (to 1 cm in the diameter) the education lying subcutaneously.  It can be localized in skin, at movement of a skin fold the tumor moves together with it. Color of a tumor varies from pink to brown.
Deratofibromas can arise in any place, but are most often localized on the lower part of legs at young people, often are found in women in a shoulder.  Deratofibromas are usually single, in rare instances – multiple. They meet at women more often.

Внешний вид дерматофибромы (гистиоцитомы)

Outward of a deratofibroma (histiocytoma)

Treatment of a deratofibroma (histiocytoma):

The doctor usually can easily determine a deratofibroma by outward.  However, if there are doubts in the diagnosis or fears about possibility of a carcinoma cutaneum, the tumor can be removed under local anesthesia with further carrying out a histologic research.
Deratofibromas can spontaneously resolve though in many cases they remain throughout almost all life.
Removal is carried out under local anesthesia, after operation there are scars which can be not so obvious as a tumor.
Removal of a deratofibroma is necessary in such cases:
1. Deratofibromas create the expressed cosmetic defect.
2. The deratofibroma is followed by such symptoms as an itch or pain (though these manifestations can stop eventually).
3. If there are any doubts in the diagnosis (cancer is not excluded).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Deratofibroma (histiocytoma):

  • Препарат Иматиниб.


    Antineoplastic means.

    RPUP "Akademfarm" Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Иматиб.


    Antineoplastic drug. Proteintirozinkinaza inhibitor.

    CJSC Pharm-Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Иммутин.


    Antineoplastic drug. Proteintirozinkinaza inhibitor.

    JSC Nobel Almatinskaya Pharmatsevticheskaya Fabrika Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Препарат Филахромин® ФС.

    Филахромин® FS

    Antineoplastic drug. Proteintirozinkinaza inhibitor.

    LLC Nativa Russia

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