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Benign tumors of a throat


Among benign tumors of a throat papillomas and vascular tumors are the most widespread.

Papilloma - the benign fibroepitelialny tumor of upper respiratory tracts representing single or is more often multiple papillary outgrowths, leading to disturbance of golosoobrazovatelny and respiratory functions, quite often recurrent.
Angioma - the benign vascular tumor of a throat which is forming from expanded circulatory (hemangioma) or lymphatic (lymphangioma) vessels, localized on a surface voice vestibular or scooped - epiglottidean folds.

The angioma grows slowly, usually happens single, the small sizes. Color of a hemangioma cyanotic or red; the lymphangioma has pale yellow coloring. Hemangiomas can be diffusion and encapsulated.

Symptoms of Benign tumors of a throat:

The main symptoms of papilloma of a throat are the hoarseness reaching an aphonia and gradual difficulty of breath which can pass into suffocation as a result of throat gleam obturation with a tumor.
Clinical manifestations of an angioma depend on localization and prevalence of a tumor. At localization in an upper part of a throat the feeling of a foreign body, sometimes pokashlivakny disturbs. Gradually, within several years, the symptomatology accrues: there is a hoarseness, morbidity, and then and blood impurity in a phlegm. If the tumor proceeds from a voice fold, then the first symptom is gradual change of a voice from insignificant weakness to an aphonia. Disturbance of breath is characteristic of the large tumors proceeding from a lower part of a throat.

Клинические признаки доброкачественной опухоли гортани

Clinical signs of a benign tumor of a throat

Reasons of Benign tumors of a throat:

Etiological factor of a papillomatosis is the virus of papilloma of the person from family of Papova viruses. Now more than 70 types of this virus are defined, however at a papillomatosis find types 6, 11 or their combination more often. The disease occurs at children to 10-year age, but most often on 2-5 year of life. Papilloma, as well as some other benign tumors, grows unevenly: the periods of intensive growth are replaced by the periods of relative tranquility. At puberty the termination of growth of papillomas, however is quite often observed if the tumor remains at the adult, then the probability of its malignancy sharply increases and makes 15-20%.

Treatment of Benign tumors of a throat:

Papillomas can be removed at adults under local anesthesia endolaringealno at an indirect laringoskopiya, at children - it is obligatory under anesthetic with use of a straight line endomicro-laringoskopii with the subsequent histologic research. Sometimes at defeat of all departments of a throat it is not possible to remove for once a tumor completely therefore intervention is made in several stages. It is necessary to aim at timely performance of intervention in throats before emergence of need of imposing of a tracheostoma as the tracheal kanyulenositelstvo promotes spread of papillomas on a trachea and even bronchial tubes.

Effective was an ultrasonic disintegration of papillomas, and also laser photodestruction to which carrying out are used the surgical laser, IAG-neodimovy and IAG-golmiyevy lasers. High precision of influence of a beam of the laser, a possibility of removal of papillomas from difficult available departments of a throat, small bleeding, good functional effect are noted.

For the purpose of an urezheniye of a recurrence of a papillomatosis quite considerable arsenal of remedies is used: Prospidinum intramusculary, intravenously and locally in the form of ointment; interferon drugs (реаферон, виферон, intron-A); лейкомакс, zovirax (acyclovir), discrete plasma exchange, etc.

Treatment of angiomas surgical, is more often carried out by endolaryngeal access. It is necessary to consider possibility of intraoperative bleeding. Widespread hemangiomas delete at outside access with a preliminary tracheostomy.

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