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Cyst of a thyroid gland


The cyst of a thyroid gland is the cavity filled with liquid which arises in a thyroid gland. The cyst can be the small sizes (less than 1 mm in the diameter), or is so big that can be visible with the naked eye, developing in the form of "cone" on a throat. Some cysts are completely filled with liquid (cystous), others consist of liquid and dense weight (difficult). If the cyst big and difficult, can be required by the doctor a biopsy to be convinced that it is not a cancer tumor.

Reasons of a cyst of a thyroid gland:

Origins of cysts are authentically not known. However carry a lack of iodine of a food allowance, existence of an autoimmune disease which causes an inflammation of a thyroid gland (Hashimoto's disease), genetic defects, radiation in the childhood to risk factors of development of cysts of a thyroid gland. Besides, are more inclined to development of cysts of a thyroid gland of the woman 40 years are aged more senior or if one of parents or brothers and sisters has a cyst of a thyroid gland.

Symptoms of a cyst of a thyroid gland:

Cysts are, as a rule, harmless. They can remain during all life, without being shown in any way.
Symptoms at small cysts. Patients with small cysts (3 mm or are less) in a thyroid gland usually do not show any complaints. Most of these people do not know that they have a cyst while it is not found on planned survey.
Symptoms at big cysts. People with big cysts not necessarily have symptoms though they can note unpleasant feelings in a throat. Nevertheless, these big cysts can sometimes put pressure upon a trachea, then there are neck pains, there are problems with swallowing, there can be changes of a voice. Cysts of a thyroid gland seldom happen malignant, but malignant cysts, as a rule, differ in intensive growth, cause a voice osiplost. The big cyst can sometimes influence function of a thyroid gland and brings to its hyper - or hypofunctions.
There can sometimes be such complication as bleeding in a cyst, at the same time there is an acute pain in a thyroid gland, tachycardia and disturbances of breath.

Киста щитовидной железы

Cyst of a thyroid gland


If the cyst big, is characterized by intensive growth, the doctor can carry out a fine-needle aspiration biopsy to be convinced that it is not malignant. This procedure takes about 20 minutes for which the sample of tissue of thyroid gland undertakes. If in biopsionny material malignant fabric is defined, it is necessary to carry out operational treatment.
It is also necessary to investigate function of a thyroid gland for what ultrasonography and blood test for determination of hormonal level is made. KT, MPT and scanning of a thyroid gland are also shown. These methods, however, do not define a cyst zlokachestvennost.

Киста щитовидной железы на УЗИ

Cyst of a thyroid gland on ultrasonography

Treatment of a cyst of a thyroid gland:

If the cyst small, is filled with liquid, and is not followed by dysfunction of a thyroid gland, need for its treatment does not arise. It is necessary to be followed up by a doctor that it could control growth and other changes of a cyst. Besides, purpose of hormonal therapy for the purpose of reduction of a cyst is possible (though many doctors do not find in it need if the cyst small and is defined as high-quality). If the cyst influences functioning of a thyroid gland, reception of a radioiodine within several months is appointed. Iodine can help to reduce small knots.

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