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Retrosternal craw


The craw which considerable part falls lower than the level of jugular cutting of a breast is called retrosternal. Extent of omission can be various, however the upper pole of a craw is usually available to a palpation.

The intrathoracic craw entirely is located in a chest cavity.

Анатомическое строение щитовидной железы

Anatomic structure of a thyroid gland

Symptoms of the Retrosternal craw:

Clinical displays of a retrosternal craw depend on a functional condition of a thyroid gland, extent of its increase and a prelum of surrounding bodies and fabrics. At a big craw the shift and a prelum of a trachea and a recurrent nerve is the reason of the complicated breath and an osiplost of a voice. At a diffusion toxic craw complaints to fatigue, irritability, heartbeat and other symptoms of a thyrotoxicosis are characteristic. At a local craw clinical signs of a hypothyroidism, i.e. the lowered function of a thyroid gland are quite often noted that is caused by dystrophic changes in its fabric.

Reasons of the Retrosternal craw:

Retrosternal craw - result of a tireoptoz, gradual lowering of a thyroid gland for a breast. Intrathoracic craws develop, as a rule, from malrelated embryonal rudiments of a thyroid gland.

The main source of development of a retrosternal craw is low located thyroid gland. The nodes arising in the lower pole of such gland gradually in the course of growth can fall for a breast and a clavicle. Resistance of powerful front muscles of a neck (especially at brawny men with a short neck) interferes with growth of a craw of a kpereda, and the movement of a node when swallowing, its own weight promote its growth towards the smallest resistance, towards a mediastinum which fabrics are extremely pliable. For a breast the most part of a craw can be displaced. In such cases on a neck only the upper pole of a node is defined (not always). At increase in intrathoracic pressure (cough, Valsalva's test) the craw is displaced up and leaves because of jugular cutting of a breast (the diving, wandering craw).

Treatment of the Retrosternal craw:

Treatment is carried out as in a hospital, and it is out-patient.

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