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Poisoning with barium


Poisoning with barium - defeat of bodies and systems of bodies owing to impact on an organism solyay barium.

Symptoms of Poisoning with barium:

After hit of soluble salts of barium inside burning sensation in an oral cavity and in a gullet, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, colicy pains in a stomach very quickly develop, sharp weakness, dizziness, a ring in ears, a visual disturbance (doubling), a tremor, can differ spasms. Pulse in the beginning rare, firm, then wrong, speeded up, arterial pressure is increased. Death can come from paralysis of breath or from a cardiac standstill.

Reasons of Poisoning with barium:

Toxic dose for the person: 200 mg. A lethal dose for the person: 3,7 g.

Sanitary standards established the maximum allowable concentration rigid value on barium in water - 0.1 mg/l.

During the scientific epidemiological research conducted under the auspices of WHO data on communication between cardiovascular diseases mortality and content of barium in drinking water did not find confirmation.

In short-term researches on volunteers the harmful effect on cardiovascular system at concentration of barium to 10 mg/l was not revealed.

At experiences on rats, at the use of water by the last even with the low content of barium, increase in systolic blood pressure was observed. Are published also this, testimonial that even the one-time use of water, the content of barium in which considerably surpasses the most admissible values, can result in muscular weakness and pains in belly area.

Treatment of Poisoning with barium:

At hit of salts of barium inside it is necessary to wash out a stomach via the probe of 1% solution of magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate for formation of insoluble sulfate of barium. Then magnesium sulfate or sodium is entered inside (on 30 g into 100 ml of water).

In hard cases of poisoning with barium there can be useful an intravenous administration of magnesium sulfate (5 ml of 5% of solution) or sodium sulfate (10 - 20 ml of 3% of solution). Apply also Tetacinum-calcium intravenously kapelno of 20 ml of 10% of solution in 500 ml of 5% of solution of glucose.

For acceleration of removal of barium from an organism use an artificial diuresis, a hemodialysis. For reduction of intestinal gripes appoint Promedolum (1 ml of 2% of solution subcutaneously), a papaverine (2 ml of 2% of solution subcutaneously) or Nospanum (2 ml of 2% of solution subcutaneously).

Vitamin therapy, in particular B1 and V6 vitamins, cardiovascular means, oxygenotherapy is shown. However cardiac glycosides are contraindicated. At the expressed disturbance of a cordial rhythm it is necessary to enter 0,5% potassium chloride solution intravenously kapelno.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with barium:

  • Препарат Магния сульфат.

    Magnesium sulfate

    Plasma substituting and perfused solutions. Additives to solutions for intravenous administration. Electrolytes.

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