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For designation of this pathology use different terms:

    * podskladkovy laryngitis (false croup);
    * acute laryngotracheitis;
    * the occlusive stenosing laryngotracheobronchitis.

The term "podskladkovy laryngitis" designate noninflammatory allergic hypostasis of a throat at children now. Understand a SARS syndrome which leading symptom at children is difficulty of breath through a throat as the term "acute laryngotracheitis". The term "occlusive stenosing laryngotracheobronchitis" designate the complication of acute laryngotracheitis arising owing to injuring a mucous membrane of a throat, a trachea and bronchial tubes at a toilet of respiratory tracts at the children who are on the prolonged intubation and after a tracheostomy.

Laryngotracheitis symptoms:

Thus, the syndrome of acute laryngotracheitis is characterized by three leading symptoms:

    * stenotic breath;
    * the "barking" cough;
    * change of a voice.

The disease, as a rule, begins suddenly, at night. The child wakes up in a fright, rushes about in a bed, at it appear the rough voice "barking" cough, the breath is extended, the pause between a breath and an exhalation drops out, breath gains the "sawing" character. Sometimes warm drink, a wet sheet over a bed, a hot foot bath can improve a state and even to stop the beginning hypostasis. The thicket needs use of medicinal therapy which is carried out in the conditions of a hospital. Before the doctor on duty there is a problem of differential diagnosis of acute laryngotracheitis with other diseases which are followed by a throat stenosis. At survey of a throat (at small children is it is only a direct laringoskopiya) the diagnosis usually does not raise doubts.

The following laringoskopichesky picture is typical. The mucous membrane of upper and average floors of a throat is moderately hyperemic, in a gleam of a throat, trachea — a viscous mucopurulent discharge in the form of tyazhy and crusts. Under voice folds — bright red rollers, it is a hyperemic edematous mucous membrane of a cavum infraglotticum. The glottis looks three-storyed.

Вид ротоглотки при ларингохрахеите

Type of a stomatopharynx at a laringokhrakheita

Laryngotracheitis reasons:

The pathogeny of acute laryngotracheitis is inseparably linked with a SARS pathogeny in general. Narrowing of a gleam of a throat and a trachea is caused by the following components: hypostasis and infiltration of a mucous membrane, spasm of muscles of a throat and trachea, hypersecretion of glands of a mucous membrane of a trachea and bronchial tubes, accumulation of dense mucopurulent separated. Passing of expired air through the narrowed podskladkovy space is followed by cough of the "barking" character. Involvement in inflammatory process of voice folds leads to disturbance of a phonation.

Treatment of Laryngotracheitis:

    * the voice mode — the patient has to be silent or speak silent whisper as at the created whisper load of the voice device is 2-3 times more, than at informal conversation;
    * a diet with an exception of cold, hot, spicy and salty food, alcoholic beverages;
    * alkaline and oil inhalations (breath through an inhaler peach oil, mineral water);
    * antihistaminic drugs (tavegil, зиртек, телфаст, кларитин, ларотадин).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Laryngotracheitis:

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