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Intestines heart attack


Heart attack of intestines are the infarctions in intestines which resulted from disturbance of delivery of blood on intestines arteries.

Intestines heart attack reasons:

Rare complication of atherosclerosis of arteries of intestines is development of thrombosis in them as a result of closing of their gleam.
At fibrinferment of small branches of arteries of intestines thanks to development of bypass blood circulation it can not be observed those terrible phenomena which arise when closing a gleam of large arteries; in the latter case intestines heart attacks are formed.

Нарушение кровообращения - причина инфаркта кишечника

Blood circulation disturbance - the intestines heart attack reason

Intestines heart attack symptoms:

Attacks of severe pains in a stomach can precede thrombosis of arteries of intestines, it is frequent with vomiting. When closing a gleam of an artery and developing a heart attack of intestines the heavy clinic throughout very short interval of time develops. The patient complains of sudden emergence of the sharp, diffuse, quite often wandering abdominal pains which more often were more expressed in a navel.
Pain does not stop at administration of narcotic drugs. Sharply the general state worsens, the heavy picture of a collapse sometimes develops.
Symptoms of irritation of a peritoneum are absent in the beginning, they appear later, with development of the phenomena of peritonitis. Soon at fibrinferment of an upper artery of intestines repeated vomiting with impurity of blood of color of a coffee thick, and also bile develops. Further emetic masses accepts fecal character.
At fibrinferment of the lower intestinal artery vomiting usually is absent. Detection in Calais blood which in connection with intestinal bleeding can be emitted from an anus in not changed look in a large number is more characteristic (1 l and more). Availability of pure blood in a chair often conducts to the wrong diagnosis of bleeding from hemorrhoidal nodes.
Further the heavy picture of intestinal impassability develops, the otkhozhdeniye of a chair and gases stops, as a result of necrosis of loops of intestines peritonitis symptoms appear. The patient quickly perishes if emergency measures are timely not applied (desintoxication, surgical intervention) that happens infrequently.
The correct intravital recognition of thrombosis of arteries of intestines because of atherosclerosis meets seldom. In most cases patients come to a hospital with the diagnosis of other diseases of abdominal organs (appendicitis, intestinal impassability, cholelithiasis, gastric or intestinal bleeding, an acute abdomen).
Advanced age, existence of the expressed atherosclerosis, especially atherosclerosis of a ventral aorta and the lower extremities, thromboembolic processes are important for establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Treatment of a heart attack of intestines:

At bystry recognition of thrombosis appointment in the first hours of heparin intravenously at an interval of 6 h for two days against the background of use of thrombolytic drugs and acetylsalicylic acid under control of coagulability can promote recovery of blood circulation in the corked artery. The surgical intervention with removal of the struck gut piece at necrosis of a small part of intestines undertaken timely before development of diffuse peritonitis, can lead to a favorable outcome.
Prevention is connected with treatment of atherosclerosis and idiopathic hypertensia.

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