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Hydronephrosis — the resistant, progressing pyelectasia and cups because of disturbance of outflow of urine in a piyeloureteralny segment leading to a gradual atrophy of a renal parenchyma.
Ultrasonic image of a hydronephrotic kidney.

Hydronephrosis symptoms:

Distinguish 4 degrees of a hydronephrosis depending on expressiveness of an atrophy of a parenchyma of kidneys:

    * 1 degrees — the parenchyma is kept,
    * 2 degrees — insignificant damage of a parenchyma,
    * 3 degrees — considerable damage,
    * 4 degrees — lack of a parenchyma, a kidney do not function.

Clinically the hydronephrosis is shown by abdominal pains, the secondary pyelonephritis and tumorous education in an abdominal cavity found at a stomach palpation. At children of early age into the forefront increase in a stomach, dyspepsia, vomiting, concern and symptoms of an infection of urinary tract act. At a bilateral hydronephrosis lag of the child in development is possible.

Hydronephrosis reasons:

Depending on the reason the hydronephrosis can be inborn or acquired. At an inborn gidronefrostenoz defect of cellular structure of nephron or a stenosis of a piyeloureteralny segment which is caused by a stenosis, the valve of a mucous membrane of an ureter, a prelum an additional vessel etc. can take place. The acquired hydronephrosis can be is caused by an urolithiasis, tumors, damage of uric ways. Both the inborn, and priobryotenny hydronephrosis can be aseptic or infected.

Treatment of the Hydronephrosis:

Treatment at 1 stage conservative. it is directed to urine outflow stimulation. At the following stages resolve an issue of the surgical treatment directed to recovery of passability of a piyeloureteralny segment. For example, statement of a nefrostoma at which outflow of urine is recovered and is removed an inflammation.

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