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Stomach neurosis


Stomach neurosis — the disease caused first of all by a stressful situation, an intellectual overstrain, and also defective food and intoxication. The increased nervousness, an exhaustion of the autonomic nervous system with a viscerovisceral reflex lead to functional disturbances of work of a stomach and dyspepsia, and also dysfunction of the central nervous system.

Анатомическое строение желудка

Anatomic structure of a stomach

Stomach neurosis reasons:

Neurosis of a stomach is a frequent gastric disease; develops usually at persons of young age against the background of the general neurosis in the presence of a physical and mental overstrain, an alcohol abuse, nicotine, non-compliance with a diet, and also at functional diseases of intestines, gall bladder and other bodies.

Stomach neurosis symptoms:

The picture of a disease differs in diversity.

The Bystry saturability, nausea, persistent heartburn amplifying at disorders and not passing at a sparing diet.

Pain in an anticardium can be acute or stupid, quite often arises on an empty stomach or at a long break between meals, amplifies under the influence of negative emotions, mental tension.

There is no communication between pain and quality, character of food (quite often, for example, disturbances from a stomach amplify after reception I do not irritate Russian cabbage soup of food and decrease after reception of rough food).
In some cases - total absence of appetite ("nervous" anorexia), "voracious appetite" or "nervous" vomiting.

On the foreground the acrimony, bystry fatigue, headaches, frustration of a dream and other displays of the general neurosis can act. The health improves at change of a situation, mental unloading (issue, etc.).

Gastric secretion can be raised or lowered.

The frequent loud eructation proceeding for hours, and sometimes and days, owing to swallowing air together with food (aerophagia), amplifying at nervousness, negative emotions.

Quite often the meteorism, and the blown-up stomach can lead to higher standing of a diaphragm that, in turn, can complicate breath, and displacing heart - to cause pains in heart.

Treatment of neurosis of a stomach:

Character of a diet is defined depending on acidity level.

The cool compress has the effect all-calming and activating activity of a stomach, intestines on a stomach: the towel wetted in water with a temperature of 16 With and well wrung out folded in 2-3 layers is imposed on a stomach; from above put a dry terry towel which has to block completely a wet compress, and cover with a wadded blanket, having tucked in it from all directions (at the elderly and weakened people on a wet towel impose an oilcloth or waxen paper which promote preservation of heat in the field of a compress.

Procedure 60 duration - 90 minutes). Measures for strengthening of a nervous system are important.

When swallowing air exclude carbonated drinks (they can be accepted only in the warmed-up look) and the products rich with a rough cellulose or causing strengthening of fermentative processes with the increased formation of gases (fresh rye bread, farinaceous dishes, sugar, sweets, sweet fruit, beer, kvass, potatoes, bean, cabbage, etc.).
The food is slow, fractional portions, in certain hours.

Prevention. Strengthening of a nervous system with elimination of the household, office factors causing negative emotions and promoting a nervous breakdown

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