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Retentsionny cyst


Retentsionny cysts are the eurysynusic new growths of an ovary arising most often in the genital period and leading in certain cases to infertility.

Ретенционная (фолликулярная) киста справа

Retentsionny (follicular) cyst on the right

Reasons of the Retentsionny cyst:

The origin of retentsionny cysts is related to a yellow body, and also the paraovarian, endometrioid  or follicular nature. Accumulation of liquid in cavities is the main reason for formation of cystous education that leads to increase in the sizes of an ovary. Retentsionny cysts do not tend to proliferative growth.
At each type of a retentsionny cyst certain origins prevail: follicular cysts form against the background of the broken hormonal balance and anovulation; cysts of a yellow body form on site the burst follicle, and the reasons of endometrioid cysts are covered in the accompanying endometriosis.

Symptoms of the Retentsionny cyst:

Specific symptoms characteristic of retentsionny cysts of ovaries, no. Periodically sick nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach and disturbance of a menstrual cycle can disturb. If the course of a retentsionny cyst was complicated by torsion of her leg or hemorrhage in a cyst cavity, there is a clinical picture of "acute abdomen" demanding immediate medical intervention. It is quite often possible to observe increase in a stomach due to growth of a paraovarian cyst.
The gynecologist diagnoses retentsionny cysts during gynecologic survey, by results of ultrasonography and a laparoscopy.

Ретенционная киста яичника (операционный материал)

Retentsionny oothecoma (operational material)

Treatment of the Retentsionny cyst:

Detection of a retentsionny cyst demands observation of the patient and specifications of her look. If the follicular cyst or a cyst of a yellow body vizializirutsya on ultrasonography scanning more than 2-3 monthly cycles, she demands purpose of hormonal therapy. At a presurgical stage sanatorium treatment, physiotherapy, mud cure is also shown. In the absence of dynamics from drug treatment an operative measure by means of a laparoscopy is necessary.

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