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Follicle atresia


At this pathology follicles are exposed to an atresia at early stages of the development, without reaching a maturity. The ovulation does not occur and the yellow body is not formed, i.e. a single-phase menstrual cycle too anovulatory.

Этапы развития фолликулов

Stages of development of follicles

Follicle atresia reasons:

The etiology and pathogeny of an atresia are similar to those at a follicle persistention. Difference consists that the atresia proceeds against the background of a constant monotonous gipoestrogeniya. The phase of a yellow body is absent, progesterone is not produced. As a result of it in an endometria the hyperplasia, as is noted at a follicle persistention. In view of an atresia of unripe follicles the content of estrogen decreases even more and there is bleeding.

Follicle atresia symptoms:

The atresia of follicles is characterized by the long periods of an amenorrhea, menstrualnopodobny bleedings develop 2-3 times a year (спаниоменорея). Bleedings are long, but not plentiful. As well as at other forms of an anovulatory cycle, at an atresia of a follicle infertility is observed.

Treatment of an atresia of a follicle:

Treatment of anovulatory disturbances of a menstrual cycle pursues two aims: stop of bleeding and normalization of a menstrual cycle (elimination of anovulation).
At the same time complex treatment – symptomatic, hormonal and physiotherapeutic is applied.
First of all it is necessary to adjust a day regimen and the patient's food as are of very great importance rest, vitamin-rich good nutrition, normalization of a dream, fortifying actions. It is necessary not to allow overfatigue, to struggle with a depression, to treat the general diseases, endocrine frustration, exchange disturbances. At prolonged bleedings or their recurrence it is reasonable to carry out treatment in the conditions of a hospital.
At treatment it is necessary to consider age of the patient, force and duration of bleeding, and also a hormonal background before an initiation of treatment which should be defined. At young age the medical actions regulating function of ovaries and promoting an ovulation are applied, and in a climacteric there can be a need of the termination of function of ovaries.

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