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Atresia of the cervical channel


The atresia of the cervical channel is a lack of periods as a result of traumatic intrauterine manipulations, a scraping at which the basal membrane of an endotserviks is damaged.

Reasons of an atresia of the cervical channel:

This form of an amenorrhea arises after abortions, vyskablivaniye, electroconization of a neck of uterus.
As a result of an injury the mucous membrane of the cervical channel to a basal membrane collapses, adhesion factors are activated that leads to commissural process. Frequency of this form of an amenorrhea makes about 5-7% in structure of a secondary amenorrhea.

Symptoms of an atresia of the cervical channel:

The clinical picture is characterized by lack of periods after the surgical interventions which are listed above. An important symptom — cyclic pains owing to disturbance of outflow of menstrual blood.
The diagnosis is established on the basis of the anamnesis (the previous abortion, etc.), a clinical picture and data of ultrasonography, made at pains when reveal expansion of a cavity of the uterus and accumulation of liquid (gematometr) in it. Hormonal researches are not informative as function of ovaries is not broken. Tests with gestagena, estrogen and gestagena negative that indicates the uterine level of defeat of reproductive system.

Treatment of an atresia of the cervical channel:

Recovery of passability of the cervical channel when sounding can be carried out on an outpatient basis only at timely diagnosis. Lasting amenorrhea more than 6-12 months the gisterorezektoskopiya is shown.

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