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Two-horned uterus


The two-horned uterus represents a peculiar malformation of a uterus  which is shown in bifurcation of a uterus on two horns therefore two cavities of the uterus  merging in one general are formed.
In most cases at a two-horned uterus one neck of uterus and the only vagina comes to light, however also options of a structure of internal generative organs are not excluded.
In certain cases the two-horned uterus is the reason of not incubation of pregnancy, however in most cases in the absence of other risk factors, the course of pregnancy is not followed by complications, and pregnancy comes to an end with physiological childbirth by the healthy child. However for prevention of negative effects for mother and the child at diagnosis of a two-horned uterus it is better to execute Cesarean section as advance of the child on natural patrimonial ways almost impossible without traumatizing threat.

Reasons of the Two-horned uterus:

Anomalies of a structure of a uterus form in the period of pre-natal fetation. In 1/3 patients from the revealed two-horned uterus malformations of an urinary system in parallel come to light.

Symptoms of the Two-horned uterus:

Existence of a two-horned uterus at the patient is not followed by any specific characters. It is possible to suspect anomaly of development in the following symptoms: dysmenorrhea, uterine bleedings, possible infertility and misbirths. The reason is covered that the reduced volume of a uterine cavity hampers the normal growth of an embryo, the embryo develops only in one horn. Happens so that during pregnancy the second horn of a uterus, free from an embryo,  continues to be exposed to cyclic menstrual changes.

Варианты двурогой матки

Options of a two-horned uterus


Detection of a two-horned uterus at ultrasonography inspection usually is not followed by any difficulties, however in certain cases perhaps additional inspection using a gisterosalpingografiya, and also endoscopic techniques – hysteroscopies and laparoscopies. Differential diagnosis of a two-horned uterus should be carried out with less expressed defect of its development – a saddle uterus.

3-хмерное УЗИ  при двурогой матке

3-D ultrasonography at a two-horned uterus

Метросальпингографические данные при двурогой матке

Metrosalpingografichesky data at a two-horned uterus

Treatment of the Two-horned uterus:

This pathology can quickly be treated. The indication for an operative measure is not incubation of two and more pregnancies. Recovery of integrity of a cavity of the uterus is carried out, considerable decrease in risk of misbirths in the future is result of treatment.  

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