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Incomplete abortion


Incomplete abortion — partial exile of a product of conception through the opened neck of uterus.

Неполный аборт (д)

Incomplete abortion (д)

Symptoms of Incomplete abortion:

-  the colicy pains in the bottom of a stomach caused by reduction of a uterus for exile of the remains of fetal egg;

- bloody allocations from a genital tract (most often — strong);

- disclosure of a neck of uterus.

Reasons of Incomplete abortion:

More often the misbirth, and that number and incomplete, is shown owing to existence of genital and extragenital pathology.

Treatment of Incomplete abortion:

In this case vacuum aspiration and tool audit of a cavity of the uterus by the small curette with the subsequent histologic research of the received material is carried out.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Incomplete abortion:

  • Препарат ОКСИТОЦИН.


    Hormones of a back share of a hypophysis.

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