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Uterus ectropion


Uterus ectropion — a complication of an afterbirth and puerperal period at which the uterus is partially or completely twisted by a mucous membrane outside, passing through an expanded uterine pharynx in a vagina, or goes beyond a sexual crack.

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Uterus ectropion

Uterus ectropion reasons:

Meets very seldom and confirms the wrong conducting childbirth. The ectropion of a uterus is promoted by a rough pandiculation for an umbilical cord, disturbance of the technology of allocation of an afterbirth across Kreda — to Lazarevich, increase in intra belly pressure at badly reduced uterus. Extremely seldom the ectropion of a uterus can be observed at the birth of the submucosal node of myoma located in the field of a bottom — a so-called onkogenetichesky ectropion of a uterus.

Uterus ectropion symptoms:

At sharply arising ectropion of a uterus there are sharp abdominal pains, signs of shock and bleeding from uterus vessels, dizziness, vomiting, pallor, frequent, weak filling pulse, decrease in the ABP.

It is simple to distinguish a full ectropion of a uterus (the twisted uterus is in a vagina or leaves a sexual crack). At a partial ectropion the two-handled research allows to find in the field of a body of the womb funneled deepening, and in a vagina — tumorous education.

Treatment of an ectropion of a uterus:

Reposition of a uterus is made, as a rule, by the doctor, in case of emergency — the midwife. At the same time hold antishock events (no later than 2 — 6 h after an ectropion). Manipulation is carried out under the general anesthesia in position of the patient on a gynecologic chair. Before reposition subcutaneously enter 1 ml of 0,1% of solution of atropine. If the placenta is attached to the twisted uterus, it before reposition is separated. The uterus is washed solution of Furacilin 1:5000 and oiled sterile liquid. Reposition is made by careful pressing by a hand on a bottom of the twisted uterus. Enter a hand into a vagina and advance a uterus through the narrow part of a funnel of an ectropion corresponding to a neck of uterus. Support by other hand through an abdominal wall edges of a funnel of an ectropion. After reposition of a uterus put a hard tampon in a vagina, intramusculary enter Pituitrinum, oxytocin, put a bubble with ice on a bottom of a stomach, lift the foot end of a bed. After reposition of a uterus the patient needs medical observation in the conditions of a hospital. In case of unsuccessfulness of manual reposition of a uterus resort to operation.

At a uterus ectropion in the afterbirth and puerperal periods the forecast in case of timely reposition of a uterus favorable.


Prevention of an ectropion of a uterus consists in observance of rules of maintaining an afterbirth and puerperal period. Careful and careful carrying out reception of Krede — Lazarevich is of great importance.

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