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The adenomyosis is a state at which fabrics of an endometria of a uterus spread to a muscular layer of body. This state can sometimes lead to growths in a uterus, known as an adenomioma. The adenomyosis differs from endometriosis, at the last the mucous membrane of a uterus is implanted out of a uterus though women with an adenomyosis often also have endometriosis.

Adenomyosis reasons:

Are closely connected among themselves the adenomyosis and pregnancy as this pathology occurs at women aged are more senior than thirty, already given birth to children. Women who had in the anamnesis of any type of operation on a uterus (including Caesarian sections), also have the increased risk of development of an adenomyosis. Often manifestations of an adenomyosis are leveled after a menopause.

There are no exact data on prevalence of an adenomyosis as many women having this pathology do not show any symptoms therefore it is difficult to diagnose a state. By some estimates, incidence varies  from 20% to 65% among all female population.

Adenomyosis symptoms:

When symptoms develop, the patient is disturbed first of all by pain. Pain can be very intensive, especially during periods. During this period there can be  heavy and long bleedings. During periods clots can be allocated. It happens because of anomaly of a uterine wall. At an adenomyosis the uterus has reinforced walls in connection with availability of fabric of an endometria which becomes impregnated with blood. The uterus extends, the inflammation and morbidity develops.

Thus, symptoms of an adenomyosis can include long and heavy menstrual bleedings, painful periods which worsen a current of a menstrual cycle and pain in the field of a basin during sexual intercourse. Gynecologic survey can reveal the soft and increased uterus or existence of a new growth in a uterus. For confirmation of the diagnosis and differential diagnosis with a cancer new growth carry out ultrasonography and MRT.

Тело матки при аденомиозе

Body of the womb at an adenomyosis

Аденомиоз 1 стадии

Adenomyosis of 1 stage

Treatment of an adenomyosis:

As soon as the diagnosis an adenomyosis is confirmed, the doctor selects a course of treatment, in view of various factors. They include weight of symptoms, age of the woman, her desire to have children and associated diseases. In most cases, in the absence of complaints, treatment is not required.  
In hard cases of an adenomyosis, at excessive pain, at heavy repeated bleedings, treatment includes removal of a uterus (hysterectomy). This radical decision as it causes infertility and can lead to some other problems, especially in case of young women. As a rule, such treatment is recommended to women who approach a menopause.

In cases when the hysterectomy does not approach, the doctor can treat a state by means of drugs. At the expressed morbidity the anesthetizing drugs are attributed, contraceptive tablets can be given to help to reduce uterine bleedings. Nevertheless, use a gonadotrophin-rileasing of the substance which is contained in contraceptive tablets is  the only temporary measure providing pain relief. Symptoms usually return after their cancellation. Severe bleeding can be reduced by means of progesterone on the basis of an intrauterine spiral (Naval Forces), but also in this case symptoms will return after its removal.

Not so long ago began to apply surgical methods of treatment of an adenomyosis which gave hope to the patients planning pregnancy in the future. The equipment provides pain relief in the field of a basin and reduction of abnormally plentiful menstrual bleedings, keeping genital function of the woman.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Adenomyosis:

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