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Traumatic injury of a gum


Decubitus of a mucous membrane of a gingiva (traumatic protetichesky stomatitis) is the traumatic damage of a mucous membrane of a gingiva resulting from long mechanical influence.

Symptoms of Traumatic injury of a gum:

At a slight injury of a mucous membrane the catarrh develops.
In case of serious discrepancy of a prosthesis to a transitional fold there are decubital ulcers with edematous edges and the bleeding bottom. Ulcers are painful and can be one of causes of failure from use of a prosthesis. Acute dekubitalny ulcers quickly disappear after correction of edges of a prosthesis, otherwise the ulcer becomes chronic. Around it there is an epithelium hyperplasia, sometimes in the form of the petals covering an ulcer. The bottom of an ulcer can be pure, bleeding, is sometimes covered with a fibrinous plaque.

The inflammation of a mucous membrane of a prosthetic bed can be focal — in the form of a dot hyperemia (reddening) or big hyperemic spots and diffuse, often occupying all surface of a prosthetic bed. Against the background of the inflamed and edematous mucous membrane there can be dot hemorrhages, erosion, and also the centers of a hyperplasia of a mucous membrane in the form of granularity or lobation. Changes of a mucous membrane can be observed also when using of fixed prostheses.

Повреждение слизистой десны

Injury of a mucous gum

Reasons of Traumatic injury of a gum:

The mechanical injury can be acute and chronic. The acute mechanical injury usually arises at biting mucous teeth or is damaged by tools at dental interventions.
Decubitus (dekubitalny ulcer)  results from discrepancy of basis, clasps (the holding elements) of a prosthesis to borders and a surface of a prosthetic bed. Traumatic stomatitises are observed almost at all patients after imposing of a prosthesis, but quickly disappear as a result of the corresponding and timely correction of a prosthesis. Less often decubital ulcers occur at the patients using old, unusable prostheses.

Treatment of Traumatic injury of a gum:

At traumatic ulcers it is necessary to eliminate, first of all, an irritant, treatment includes antiseptic processing of an ulcer, antiseptic rinsings of an oral cavity and use of the keratoplastichesky (epithelizing) drugs. At sharp morbidity of an ulcer appoint applications anesthetics. Necrotic fabrics from an ulcer bottom carefully delete mechanically under anesthesia or by means of proteolytic enzymes. Appoint applications of keratoplastichesky means (vitamins A and E, dogrose oil, Thesanum linimentum, Shostakovsky's balm, каротолин, sea-buckthorn oil, 5% metiluratsilovy ointment, solkoserit and др). Careful sanitation of an oral cavity is made. At damages by removable prostheses their correction is necessary.

If the cause of an injury is not removed, then treatment is inefficient, and in the ulcer basis fibrous fabric which can lead to developing of lobular fibroma or to neoplastic education gradually develops.

If after elimination of an injury the ulcer within 2 weeks does not heal, then consultation of the oncologist is necessary.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Traumatic injury of a gum:

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