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Kalitsivirusny infection


Now kalitsivirusa of the person consider as the main etiological agent of epidemic flashes of an acute virus gastroenteritis among different age groups of the population of the whole world. In the developed countries of 20-25% of the population annually transfer an acute gastroenteritis, and kalitsivirusa are the most widespread causative agent of these diseases. According to foreign authors, to 90% of epidemic outbreaks of acute viral intestinal infections kalitsivirusam can be caused.

Symptoms of the Kalitsivirusny infection:

Clinically kalitsivirusny infection is usually shown as not heavy, acute gastroenteritis with bystry spontaneous recovery within 1-5 days. However patients with cardiovascular diseases, recipients of transplants of a kidney or a small bowel, and also the patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy in different occasions make risk groups of a heavy course of a kalitsivirusny infection.

Reasons of the Kalitsivirusny infection:

The Kalitsivirusny infection extends contact and household, food and water in the ways. Infection through foodstuff does kalitsivirusa along with a hepatitis A virus the important agent of food viral infections. In expansion of scales of outbreak of a kalitsivirusny infection a direct role is played by transfer of a virus from the person to the person which can be carried out not only a fecal and oral, but also airborne way. High contageousness of kalitsivirus is illustrated by a large number infected among contact persons (to 50%). Long excretion of a virus after recovery (within 2 - 3 weeks) and the high frequency of asymptomatic forms of an infection support circulation of a virus and steadily high level of sporadic and flare incidence.

Detection of antibodies to kalitsivirusa at mass epidemiological researches demonstrates frequent natural infection with these agents of people of all age groups, at the same time the initial contact with the activator happens within the first years and even the first months in the child's life depending on the social conditions connected with the level of economic development of the country. So, in the USA among children under 5 years of an antibody to kalitsivirusa were found less than in 20% inspected, and in group of children of advanced age (11 - 15 years) of an antibody met already in 65% of cases. For comparison, at residents of Bangladesh and Ecuador the frequency of identification of antibodies to kalitsivirusa at children of the first 5 years of life reached 75 - 100%.

Treatment of the Kalitsivirusny infection:

Treatment is pathogenetic as there is no causal treatment. Most often such patients are treated in house conditions as contageousness is not really high. These diseases seldom come to an end with a lethal outcome and heavy complications.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Kalitsivirusny infection:

  • Препарат Анаферон.


    Antiviral and immunoexcitants.

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  • Препарат Анаферон .


    Antiviral and immunoexcitants.

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