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Abscess of a mammary gland


Abscess of a mammary gland - a purulent inflammation of fabrics with their rotting and emergence of the cavity filled with pus. The purulent inflammation of mammary glands at women most often happens during feeding of the child.

Reasons of abscess of a mammary gland:

Primapara women are most located to a disease. At the beginning of feeding at some women it is observed, the so-called milk fever explained with stagnation of milk owing to insufficient suction by his child. Stagnant milk in the milk courses curdles, corks the courses and leads to a bigger stagnation. Stagnant milk breaks up and soaked up, causing intoxication which is followed by oznoba, weakness, high temperature. The infection of nipples and the milk courses through grazes and cracks on the neogrowing coarse nipple quite often joins stagnation. The infection is brought in nipples by the contaminated hands. Quite often stagnation is liquidated, and all clinical phenomena of milk fever disappear. In some cases at the proceeding stagnation or at big virulence of bacteria inflammatory process which takes not only ferruterous, but also intersticial, fat-rich, fabric is played. Process quickly accepts phlegmonous character.  

Symptoms of abscess of a mammary gland:

Clinically purulent inflammation (abscess) is shown by high fever, sometimes with a tremendous fever. The mammary gland is painful. Pain when feeding the child is intolerable. One or several ferruterous segments increase, become dense and painful with a pressure. The inflammation gradually passes to other parts of gland, skin reddens, there can be hypostasis and abscess is as a result formed. Prevention of abscess is of great importance and consists in the tidy maintenance of a mammary gland. Nipples wash water and rub off divorced alcohol (70%). Proffessor Stroganov recommends rubdown of nipples alcohol mix with glycerin. At the correct care of a mammary gland, its protection from traumatization and formation of cracks and grazes it is possible to warn mastitis.  

1. The easiest form  — subareolar or superficial abscess. At this form the inflammatory center is located near a peripapillary circle in the thickness of hypodermic cellulose. Subareolar abscesses differ, as a rule, in a high-quality current.

2. The second form — intramammarny mastitis. Develops in most cases as a result of congestive mastitis at penetration of an infection through cracks and cellulose in thickness of the most ferruterous fabric. Mastitis of this form proceeds as phlegmon, and separate focuses of necrosis (necrosis) are formed. Process has only insignificant bent to an otgranicheniye. Sometimes big purulent focuses are separated by quite considerable layer of a little damaged fabric. Weight of a current, a disease is explained by it. In the started cases pus breaks outside. In certain cases the disease can drag on for a long time and sepsis can be caused.  

3. Retromammary mastitis at which the suppurative focus is located on the back surface of gland belongs to the third form. On a current and character it is similar to intramammarny. To Otgranicheniye it is expressed even more weakly. Pus breaks through friable cellulose between gland and a superficial chest fascia.  

Абсцесс молочной железы

Abscess of a mammary gland

Treatment of abscess of a mammary gland:

Conservative treatment is applied in the form of a local and general penicillin therapy (intramusculary). After a puncture of an abscess and suction of pus from it enter into an abscess cavity penicillin (better with streptomycin). Appoint also warming compresses, bandages from 10% bismuthic ointment at nipple cracks or Vishnevsky's ointment; suction of milk after feeding is admissible only during availability of infiltrate. If within 2 — 3 days conservative treatment does not give effect, resort to operational treatment. After operation appoint intramusculary penicillin. The mammary gland should be suspended in a bandage, but to bandage not hardly to a thorax.


After extensive defeats or cuts cicatricial wrinkling of all or parts of gland and formation of fistulas which can remain long and from which pus and milk can be emitted is in certain cases observed.  

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