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Mastitis is the acute inflammatory disease of a mammary gland relating to nonspecific pathology.
Classification of mastitis:

1. On the course of a disease:
  A.Ostry mastitis:
      . Serous form;
      . Acute infiltrative and destructive - the abscessing form;
      . Phlegmonous form;
      . Gangrenous form;
  B. Chronic mastitis:
      . Purulent form;
      . Not a purulent form;
2. On the infectious agent of a disease:
    A. Nonspecific mastitis (is caused safilokokky, a streptococcus);
    B. Spetsifichesky (tubercular, syphilitic);
3. On the area of defeat:
    A. Dukhstoronny;
    B. Unilateral (right-hand, levostornny):
      . Galaktoforit (an inflammation of lacteal channels);
      . Areolit (an inflammation of glands of a peripapillary circle);
      . Superficial mastitis (an inflammation of a peripapillary zone or over gland stroma directly under skin, it is separated by the capsule);
      . Retromammary mastitis (is located under a deep  leaf  of the capsule of a mammary gland);
4. By quantity of the centers:
    A. One-focal mastitis;
    B. Multifocal mastitis;
5. By the form the struck fabric:
    A. Parenchymatous mastitis (defeat of segments goes on the course of milk ways);
    B. Intersticial mastitis (develops as a result of  an infection drift  on lymphatic ways);

Mastitis symptoms:

Symptoms of mastitis are consolidation (nagrubany) glands, erubescence, arching pain, temperature increase. When progressing an inflammation of iron increases, skin becomes intense, hot to the touch. Formation of abscess under skin, in the thickness of gland or behind it, is characterized by a softening of consolidation (infiltrate), fervescence, feeding becomes sharply painful, to milk pus is sometimes added. Restriction or the termination of feeding aggravates an inflammation. At the lowered resilience or at untimely and irrational treatment process can gain phlegmonous and even gangrenous character.
Mastitis of newborns  is shown  by increase  in the sizes  of a mammary  gland,  its consolidation,  increase  in local  temperature,    a dermahemia    and morbidity.  Soon  there is  a fluctuation  in  certain  sites of infiltrirovanny  gland.    At the same time      also  the general  state can suffer: the child is uneasy, badly sucks,  temperature increases.    In case of  late diagnosis mastitis can pass into phlegmon of a chest wall.  Purulent  mastitis is especially dangerous  to  girls.  At  severe  forms  of mastitis    a part perishes
glands, are obliterated output channels. The differential  diagnosis  is carried out    first of all  with  a physiological  nagrubaniye  of glands  at  which there are no all signs of an inflammation.

Mastitis reasons:

The main reasons — stagnation of milk, bad emptying of gland when feeding, nipple cracks. Getting to such conditions, microbes getting on lymphatic ways and the milk courses to gland cause its inflammation. The activator — staphylococcus, a streptococcus and some other — gets into gland from the child's mouth, through the polluted linen, at non-compliance with hygienic rules of care of a mammary gland during pregnancy and feeding. The most frequent origin of nipple cracks — the wrong applying of the child to a breast.

Treatment of Mastitis:

Treatment in an infiltrative phase of a disease conservative: semi-spirit
compresses,  salve  dressings,  physical therapy. When abscessing - surgical treatment (cuts in the radial direction, отступя on  3-4  mm from a peripapillary circle  over  the site  of a softening).    It is desirable for Rahn  not to drain. Apply a bandage with hypertonic salt solution (0,02%  solution of a hlorgeksidina-biglyukonat) on 2-3 h, replacing it  then  ointment.  Carrying out a course an antibiotic - and physical therapy is necessary.
  At gland fabric fusion deformation  and asymmetry of its growth, an obliteration of output  channels,  disturbance  of a lactation  at adult women can develop further.  At  development  of purulent  fusion  of a parenchyma    an operative measure is shown;    it is reasonable  to carry out operation  under  the general anesthesia.  The operation purpose  -  a section  and  evacuation  of pus,  a necretomy,
ensuring reliable drainage. Operational cuts: at a subareolar small abscess - a section on  the region of the peripapillary  field,  intramammarny  abscess  it is better  to open  with a radiarny section, retromammary - a section on a submammarny fold. At the small sizes  of an abscess      its excision  with  adjacent is possible
vospalitelno the changed fabrics as a sectoral resection  with  active drainage of a wound dvukhprosvetny drenazhy and sewing up tightly.
The forecast in the majority favorable. However after operations  there are  hems which are often disfiguring and deforming a mammary gland.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Mastitis:

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