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Megacolon — the malformation which is characterized by increase in a large intestine of the person. An etiological factor of anomaly is inborn immaturity of the innervatsionny device of a large intestine. The course of a disease is characterized by locks from first years, and sometimes even months of life (a disease of Girshprunga). The acquired megacolon form at adults is caused by existence of a mechanical obstacle (a tumor or cicatricial narrowing).

Megacolon symptoms:

Today all 7 versions megacolon are allocated:

    * the disease of Girshprunga (aganglionarny megacolon) represents an inborn underdevelopment of certain sites of the nervous device of a large intestine;
    * obstructive megacolon is characterized by what is caused by mechanical obstacles;
    * psychogenic megacolon is caused by frustration of mentality;
    * endocrine megacolon develops at some endocrine diseases;
    * toxic megacolon forms as a result of reception of some drugs and influence of virus agents;
    * neurogenic megacolon develops at organic diseases of TsNS;
    * idiopathic megacolon — a kind of anomaly at which the diagnosis is made in the absence of a certain etiopatogenny factor.

Main a sign megacolon are locks, a meteorism and abdominal pains. Duration of symptoms can vary strongly, so, locks can be from 2 — 3 days to several months. Also characteristic symptom of a malformation is visual increase in a stomach. At suspicions on megacolon carry out an irrigoskopiya which promotes identification of considerable expansion of certain sites or all large intestine. Compulsory procedure at delivery of health care by sick megacolon is the anorectal manometriya.

Megacolon reasons:

Is the reason of development of megacolon disturbances of an embryogenesis during laying of digestive organs.

Megacolon treatment:

Megacolon is a treatment basis dietary food  with the increased amount of ballast substances, the wheat bran, bacterial drugs contributing to normalization of microflora of a large intestine, laxative drugs, use of modulators of motility of intestines, physical therapy, sanatorium treatment.

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