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Biliary reflux gastritis


It is known that acidity of a gastric juice in a stomach is not identical, degree is higher than it in a stomach body (at the bottom where food) and below in antral department lies (before an exit from a stomach in intestines) where it is partially neutralized by the emitted bicarbonates. It is necessary upon transition of food weight to intestines in which the alkaline environment. The coordinated work of sphincters (valves) and motility provide consecutive and correct process of digestion of food.

But due to various reasons this process is broken and acid contents of a stomach get into intestines, causing irritation and an inflammation. On the other hand, contents of intestines can back flow into a stomach. This phenomenon is called a reflux, and the gastritis which arose on its background call a reflux gastritis. Depending on the reason the reflux happens duodenal or biliary.

Строение билиарной системы

Structure of biliary system

Symptoms Biliary reflux gastritis:

Main symptoms: feeling of weight, overflow of a stomach in time or right after meal, an eructation bitterness and unpleasant smack in a mouth, nausea, disturbance of a chair (the ponosa alternating with locks, abdominal distention). The pain syndrome at patients biliary a reflux gastritis is, as a rule, not expressed. Pain, if is, then stupid and aching, amplifies after meal. The disease breaks process of assimilation of useful substances of food. For this reason at the patient considerable loss in weight, emergence of "perleches" on lips, anemia, a xeroderma and the general weakness can be observed.

Reasons Biliary reflux gastritis:

The biliary reflux gastritis is connected with disturbances in bile-excreting system, disturbances of motility (dyskinesia) and uncoordinated work of sphincters. As a result the sequence and pressure force in bilious channels and intestines gets off, they are followed reflex by failures of a compression of pancreat ducts and a stomach.
As a result of biliary disturbances the duodenum contents impregnated with enzymes of a pancreas and bile get into a stomach and burn it, causing gastritis.  The biliary reflux gastritis is quite often combined with a biliary duodenitis (a duodenum inflammation) that is explained by irritation the bile emitted out of digestion process.

Treatment Biliary reflux gastritis:

Treatment a reflux of gastritis is directed to elimination of an inflammation, digestion function normalization, to recovery of motility and the emotional status. At biliary the reflux gastritis is considered the main drug Ursosan (Ursofalk) which is appointed on 250 mg before going to bed, 1 time a day within 10-14 days (if necessary the course is prolonged and repeat) and домперидон. Other treatment – symptomatic.

The second component of treatment is the diet. There are many publications what to eat at gastritis. The main thing that during an aggravation food was easy, semi-fluid and boiled. Any aggressive, spicy, rough food and drinks is excluded. It is possible to eat soups on weak broth, puree, steam cutlets or quenelles, low-fat sauces, razvarenny porridges on water, soft-boiled eggs, low-fat soft cottage cheese. Out of an aggravation the diet is expanded, adding gradually fresh vegetables and fruit, juice, milk (at good tolerance) and fermented milk products.

Are prohibited, and not only in the period of an aggravation,  fried eggs, strongly fried, with a crust,  food (cutlets, fish, potatoes), white and rye bread. Greasy food is forbidden. Sometimes patients do not want to judge sensibly and ask whether it is possible to drink at gastritis. Alcohol increases injuries of a sore mucous membrane of a stomach. Besides, it breaks digestion process, entering a chemical change with enzymes and turning them into inactive, and at times harmful substances. And beer at gastritis causes terrible fermentation with the subsequent dyspepsia.

Important are behavioural recommendations: not to lay down after food, to avoid plentiful meals, not to lift weight, to bend, sleep less on high pillows, to avoid stresses.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment Biliary a reflux gastritis:

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