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Intolerance of fructose


Hereditary intolerance of fructose - a hereditary disease at which the organism cannot use food fructose as enzyme of a fosfofruktaldolaz is not produced. As a result in an organism fruktozo-1-phosphate - a fructose exchange product collects, blocking formation of a glycogen and its transformation to the glucose necessary for providing expenses of energy.
Fructose is a carbohydrate which contains in berries, fruit and vegetables. In intestines these products are split on various nutrients. Fructose gets to blood, and with it and to a liver. In a liver under the influence of enzymes, it is split in a glycogen. The glycogen is a form of sugar in which it remains in an organism.  In a liver it is synthesized in glucose which is one of the main sources of energy in an organism. The glycogen is a peculiar depot of energy in muscles and a liver which can be used instantly: comes to a brain and blood.

Изомерные формы D-фруктозы

Isomeric forms of D-fructose

Метаболизм фруктозы

Fructose metabolism

Reasons of intolerance of fructose:

The child will inherit from parents defect of a gene which is responsible for production of enzyme which controls work of enzymes of a fruktozofosfataldolaza and fruktozodifosfataza. These enzymes are responsible for digestion of fructose and its splitting on glucose. The probability to inherit defect of a gene from the parent who is his carrier makes 25%. Liver cells completely lose ability to produce this enzyme, so, and to turn fructose into a glycogen. Accumulation of fructose in blood and a liver leads to disbolism when in an organism processes of a zhiroobrazovaniye amplify.

Symptoms of intolerance of fructose:

The use even of a small amount of fructose or sucrose (usual sugar) which in an organism turns into fructose, causes decrease in content of sugar in blood (hypoglycemia). A state is followed by sweating, an involuntary shiver of muscles (tremor), a disorientation, nausea, vomiting, an abdominal pain and sometimes spasms and a coma.
If the patient continues to use the products containing fructose injury of kidneys and a liver and decrease in intellectual functions can develop.

Treatment of intolerance of fructose:

Treatment of intolerance of fructose consists in an exception of a diet of the child of products which contain fructose: fruit, vegetables, berries, juice, sweet porridges. In the acute period of a disease limit the use of fats and proteinaceous food. Appoint vitamin C.


Prevention of intolerance of fructose consists in early detection of genetic predisposition. Newborns are transferred to mixes on the basis of lactose, limit the use of fruit and juice.

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