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Jaw cyst


Jaw cyst - a complication of diseases of teeth.

Jaw cyst reasons:

Arises usually as a complication of a disease of tooth as a result of which chronic inflammatory process at a fang top with formation of a cyst develops. In more exceptional cases it arises from a cover of the follicle surrounding a tooth crown at disturbance of process of its eruption. Therefore such cyst is called follicular.

Jaw cyst symptoms:

Unlike it root meets considerably more often as the disease of teeth repeatedly exceeds number of cases of their complicated eruption. The cyst root develops against the background of a chronic inflammation, grows slowly, but steadily. Increasing in volume, constantly presses on the bone tissue surrounding it which by force "recedes", making room for the growing cyst.
It is not enough, or without proving at all, the cyst is visible, only when protrusion of a jaw with thinning of its outside dense bone plates appears what the patient or his people around pays attention to. Often at a X-ray analysis of jaws in this or that occasion the cyst is found as an accidental find. Growth it sometimes attracts so considerable destructions of a bone of a jaw that leads to its spontaneous change. Besides, penetration into a cavity of a cyst of pyogenic microbes can cause heavy inflammatory process with involvement of jaw marrow in it and development of osteomyelitis. Regeneration of a root cyst is possible as it is long the current process in a cancer tumor.

Киста челюсти (рентгенограмма)

Cyst of a jaw (roentgenogram)

Treatment of a cyst of a jaw:

Treatment of a cyst of a jaw surgical. At the small sizes carrying out is admissible
operations in out-patient conditions. Recommendation: periodic control (once a year) dentoalveolar system by means of a X-ray analysis.

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