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Zygomaticitis - an inflammation of a malar shoot, a complication of acute average otitis. The majority of diseases of a zygomaticitis is observed at early children's age.

Zygomaticitis reasons:

Development of a disease is promoted by anatomic features which treat early emergence of pneumatic cells in the basis of a malar shoot and their direct connection with a drum cavity.

In most cases the zygomaticitis is preceded by an acute inflammation of a middle ear. The zygomaticitis as a complication of chronic average otitis is observed much less often. In most cases the acute zygomaticitis arises along with an acute mastoiditis as acoustical and mastoidal shoots make the uniform pneumatitized system.

Zygomaticitis symptoms:

The zygomaticitis is followed high (to 39 °C) by temperature expressed by intoxication. In the field of a malar shoot there is a diffuse swelling which is evenly extending in all directions. At small children the narrowing of a palpebral fissure on the party of defeat connected with disturbance krovo-and lymphokineses in malar area is sometimes observed. At a palpation of this area the pastosity and sharp morbidity connected with development of a periostitis are noted.

Otoskopiya at a zygomaticitis defines an overhang upper or is more often than a verkhneperedny wall of bone department of outside acoustical pass.

Sharp pain at the movements of a mandible belongs to subjective manifestations. The hearing impairment on conductive type is noted.

Treatment of a zygomaticitis:

Treatment of a zygomaticitis in mild cases, at a satisfactory general condition, moderate temperature reaction and unsharply expressed local changes conservative also consists in use of antibiotics, physiotherapeutic procedures and local medicamentous means.

In the absence of effect of conservative treatment within 3-4 days, and also at a severe disease resort to surgical intervention. At operation in the basis of a malar shoot find bone destructions, granulations.

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