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The furuncle is an eurysynusic pustulous cutification, is more often than a staphylococcal etiology. Inflammatory process takes a hair follicle and the fabrics surrounding it.

Формирование абсцесса из фурункула

Formation of abscess from a furuncle

Furunculosis reasons:

The reason of development of a furuncle consists in penetration of an infectious microbe (most often it is golden staphylococcus) in a hair follicle. Against the background of non-compliance with personal hygiene and pollution of integuments of an infection it is possible to get through the injured skin. Sometimes the furuncle arises on not changed integuments, in the absence of microtraumas. The external factors creating favorable conditions for infection are injuries firm parts, skin attritions in the place of a dense prileganiye of clothes. Existence at the patient of skin diseases – eczemas, neurodermatitis, dermatitis – increases risk having combed as a result of a skin itch, and, is investigative, and infection. Existence of such diseases as a diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypovitaminosis, alcoholism and others, also promotes developing of furuncles. Furuncles are found during the autumn and spring period more often. Occurs at women less than at men.
The furuncle can arise is single or plural, then this process is called a furunculosis.

Furunculosis symptoms:

Formation of a furuncle happens in 3 stages: infiltrations, suppuration and necrosis of fabrics, and defect healing.
At the beginning of development of a follicle red infiltrate of a dense consistence is found. At this stage insignificant morbidity can appear. Further infiltrate becomes dense, extends and becomes even more painful. Surrounding fabrics are edematous. Later the 3rd days the second stage of formation of a furuncle begins. The pathological center can will increase to 3 cm, begins to form is purulent - a necrotic core with a bubble on a top. The furuncle form – cone-shaped, the skin covering it shining is also strained. At this stage the intoksikatsionny phenomena are aggravated, body temperature increases, weakness, slackness increases, the headache is possible. When opening a cover of a furuncle purulent contents stream, it is frequent with blood impurity, then the necrotic core departs. From this point puffiness falls down, the pain syndrome and intoxication decreases. The formed defect of fabrics within 2-3 days drags on. The general duration of the described pathological process makes up to 10 days. The size of a furuncle can sometimes reach the walnut size. "Favourite" localization of furuncles – a groin, axillary hollows, a neck, a face. On palms and feet, a gley there are no hair follicles, furuncles are not formed. Formation of a furuncle in the field of outside acoustical pass is followed by the expressed morbidity. Localization in the field of upper a lip is very dangerous by a possibility of thrombosing of brain vessels.
The furunculosis is followed by a recurrence of emergence of furuncles or their multiple rash. At the continuous course of a disease with short remissions speak about a chronic furunculosis. The acute furunculosis is allowed during up to 2 months.

Внешний вид фурункула

Outward of a furuncle

Treatment of the Furunculosis:

Treatment of a furuncle in a stage of infiltration assumes use of erythema doses of UF-radiation. In the second stage of a disease antibiotics and an obkalyvaniye of the center of an inflammation are shown by novocaine that it is possible only in stationary conditions.
Part of a body on which the furuncle was formed has to be at rest. For fixing of the affected extremity use plaster steaks is possible. Novocainic blockade should be carried out daily to noticeable positive dynamics and an otkhozhdeniye of a necrotic midstream. At timely begun treatment the furuncle quickly is liquidated. After opening of a furuncle carry out washing by peroxide and impose the sterile napkins moistened in hypertonic saline solution.
It is impossible to squeeze out furuncles at all. Only surgical removal of a core after its separation from surrounding fabrics is possible. An operative measure is shown at the abscessing furuncles or  an anthrax. Against the background of use of local anesthesia make a section of fabrics, excise a furuncle and put stitches.
In the postoperative period use of physiotherapy is possible. Addition of complex treatment is performing vitamin therapy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Furuncle:

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