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Kapillyarioz - a zoonotic geohelminthosis from group of nematodoses with the fecal and oral mechanism of transfer of the activator. It is characterized by preferential damage of a liver, ascites and a cachexia.

Reasons of a kapillyarioz:

The activator of a hepatic kapillyarioz - a nematode (trichoid helminth) of Capillaria (Hepaticola) hepatica.

Возбудитель капилляриоза

Activator of a kapillyarioz


The person catches through kontaminirovanny the activator foodstuff, and also through the contaminated hands.

Natural susceptibility of people, apparently, high.

Incidence has sporadic character. Cases of an invasion are revealed in America, Europe, Asia, Africa. Features in distribution of diseases among various age, sexual, professional or other groups of the population it is not established.

Symptoms of a kapillyarioz:

Symptoms of an intestinal form of a kapillyarioz begin gradually. The first signs are pains in a stomach which periodically disturb the patient and have the average force of intensity and unusual rumbling in a stomach.

2-3 weeks later the bright clinical picture is developed:
Plentiful watery chair.
Decrease or total absence of appetite.
Sharp decrease in body weight.
The expressed general weakness.
Decrease in an animal force and weight.
Decrease in neurologic reflexes (knee, Achilles, etc.).

The lethal outcome is possible (2-3 months later from an onset of the illness without the corresponding and timely treatment).

At a pulmonary kapillyarioz initially there is a tracheitis picture (an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a trachea):
The superficial barking cough.
Irritation in a throat.

Then the inflammation falls below on respiratory tracts and we see:
The expressed deep cough with a phlegm.
Suffocation attacks similar to bronchial asthma.
Pneumonia (pneumonias).

Without timely treatment heavy pneumonia can lead to a lethal outcome.

At a hepatic form there is the following clinical picture:
Weight in the field of the right hypochondrium.
Nausea regardless of meal.
Increase in the sizes of a liver.
Developing of jaundice.
Weight reduction of the patient.
Liver failure.

The liver failure in turn can lead to a lethal outcome.

Treatment of a kapillyarioz:

The only protivogelmintny drug which is able to bring a kapillyariya out of an organism of the patient is Mebendazolum (and its analogs). It is appointed to 2-3 days (2 times a day take 1-2 pill). The symptomatic treatment is in parallel made – liquids for recovery of the patient after dehydration and electrolytes for recovery of cellular structure are entered.


To methods of prevention of developing of such serious disease as капилляриоз rather simple and easy actions belong:
Observance of rules of personal hygiene (washing of hands).
To process carefully the fish eaten.
To see timely doctors at emergence of suspicious symptoms.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Kapillyarioz's treatment:

  • Препарат Вермокс.


    Antiparasitics. Protivogelmintny means.

    Gedeon Richter (Gideon Richter) Hungary

  • Препарат Мебендазол.


    Anthelmintic means.

    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

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