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Arteritis - the general disease which is characterized by an inflammation of an aorta and the branches departing from it with development of partial or their full obliteration; also other departments of an aorta can be surprised.

Arteritis symptoms:

Gradually signs of disturbance of blood circulation in zones of the struck vessels accrue. The main symptom - lack of pulse on one or both hands, is more rare - on carotid, subclavial, temporal arteries. Patients complain of pain and paresthesias in the extremities amplifying at an exercise stress, weakness in hands, attacks of dizziness is frequent with a loss of consciousness. At an oftalmoskopiya find change of vessels of an eyeground (narrowing, formation of an arteriovenous anastomosis, etc.). Quite often coronary arteries with the corresponding symptomatology are involved in process. Defeat of a ventral aorta with renal vessels is followed by clinic of renovascular hypertensia. The general symptoms of a disease - subfebrile condition, astenisation. Laboratory indicators are changed moderately. The disease which is slowly progressing, with separate aggravations, shown symptoms of ischemia of this or that zone. At early stages of a disease big help in diagnosis is given by arteriography.

Височный артериит

Temporal arteritis

Arteritis reasons:

Origins of a disease are not clear.

In an arteritis pathogeny the leading role belongs to immune disturbances with development of a chronic immunocomplex inflammation of a wall of the struck vessels. Young women are ill preimushchestvvnno.

Treatment of Arteritis:

Drug treatment. Prosthetics of the affected arteries is possible.

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