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Pyosalpinx (pyosalpinx; from Greek - pus and - a uterine tube) — the accumulation of pus in a uterine tube at a purulent salpingitis caused by fusion of an ampullar and uterine part of a pipe.

Eventually walls of a piosalpinksa are thickened (due to infiltration of walls of a pipe), mucous collapses and replaced with granulyatsionny fabric. The pyosalpinx is almost always surrounded with extensive unions with the next bodies - an ovary, an epiploon, a back wall of a uterus, loops of guts. Pus in a pyosalpinx in the first months liquid, and eventually becomes dense and sterile.

Pyosalpinx symptoms:

The pyosalpinx can proceed in an acute or chronic form, periodic aggravations quite often pass behind a mask of "a chronic inflammation of appendages of a uterus".

Pains in a lower part of a stomach, fervescence, leukocytosis. At a gynecologic research the painful volume education located in a small basin sideways from a uterus or behind it comes to light.

Пиосальпинкс при УЗИ-диагностике

Pyosalpinx at ultrasonography diagnosis

Pyosalpinx reasons:

Most often the Pyosalpinx – an outcome of an acute salpingitis (see the Salpingo-oophoritis): the obliteration of outside and internal openings of a uterine (fallopian) tube leads to formation of the closed purulent cavity which walls is the stretched and reinforced pipe. Often the Pyosalpinx develops after abortion, the reason is more rare than it – a puerperal infection; quite often to education the Pyosalpinx is led by acute and chronic gonococcal salpingites.

Treatment of the Pyosalpinx:

Treatment of a pyosalpinx is defined by age of the patient and the nature of tumors. At young age the puncture method is preferable. After removal of pus the cavity is washed out an antiseptic agent (dioxidin), and then enter into it an antibiotic in combination with chymotrypsin. Punctures are repeated every other day; the course of treatment makes 3 — 5 punctures. At advanced age and in the absence of due effect make a laparotomy and delete the center in the surgical way. Intensive disintoxication and antibacterial care is shown.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pyosalpinx:

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