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Aspergillosis — the concept covering a wide range of the diseases caused by sort Aspergillus mushrooms. The most common forms are the allergic bronkhopulmonalny aspergillosis, an aspergilloma (a noninvasive aspergillosis) and an invasive aspergillosis of lungs. Most of people inhale disputes аспергилл daily, however the aspergillosis develops preferential at the immunocompromised persons (owing to a disease or against the background of immunosuppressive therapy), being the leading cause of death at an acute leukosis and transplantation of hemopoietic cells. The most often infectious agent is Aspergillus fumigatus.

Aspergillosis symptoms:

The pulmonary aspergilloma represents the spherical education from a dense texture of a mycelium forming in cavities against the background of chronic pulmonary pathology (tuberculosis, a sarcoidosis, a bronchoectatic disease, etc.). Can proceed asymptomatically and come to light only at X-ray inspection; repeated cough with a pneumorrhagia is possible, sometimes up to lethal bleeding.

The invasive aspergillosis of lungs usually proceeds sharply and quickly progresses, causes short wind, cough, fever, thorax pains. Distribution of infectious process as in the next structures, and gematogenno in other bodies is possible.

The aspergillosis with damage of internals has a heavy current, proceeding with fever, a fever, development of shock, delirium, thromboses is possible. There is a risk of development of a renal and liver failure, breath disturbances.

The aspergillosis of outside acoustical pass (otomycosis) causes an itch and, sometimes, pain. The liquid following from an ear at night can leave wet spots on a pillow. The aspergilloma of okolonosovy bosoms causes feeling of a congestion and dull aches, at an invasive form fever, an ulceration and a necrosis mucous with nasal bleedings develop.

In addition to a clinical picture, the X-ray analysis or KT of area of interest can prompt the right diagnosis. Finally the diagnosis is confirmed by a laboratory research of the infected material.

Aspergillosis reasons:

Is caused by sort Aspergillus mushrooms.

Treatment of the Aspergillosis:

Treatment is performed by iodine drugs in the form of oral administration of 3-10% of potassium of iodate or intravenous administration of 10% of sodium of iodate after preliminary desensitization by an autovaccine. The positive effect is gained at an ispolzoyovaniye of nystatin, Amphotericinum of B and his derivatives. Treatment of abscesses - surgical.

The forecast of an aspergillosis at timely therapy blagoyopriyatny.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Aspergillosis:

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