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Astroviral infection


The astroviral infection is the acute intestinal infection caused by astroviruses.

Symptoms Astrovirus infection:

The disease proceeds as a rule in association with enerobakteriya and other viruses, in particular rotaviruses. The astrovirus persistirut in an organism of 3-9 days. Strikes an epithelium of intestines and Peyerev of a plaque. At the same time the enteritis which is followed by a diarrhea and dehydration of an organism, a loss of appetite and symptoms of intoxication develops.
Researches of the last years demonstrate that one of the most perspective diagnostic methods of an astroviral infection is PTsR.
PCR (polimerazno-chain reaction) is a method which allows to find in the studied clinical material the small site of genetic information (DNA) of any organism among a huge number of other sites and to repeatedly multiply it.

Indications to PTsR-diagnosis:
- abdominal pains;
- liquid chair;
- rumbling (audible at distance);
- abdominal distention;
- pains around a navel (amplifying at defecation);
- diarrhea combination to Qatar of upper respiratory tracts.

Reasons Astrovirus infection:

The activator - an astrovirus with a diameter of 28 nanometers. Today 8 serotypes of astroviruses from which only one serotype (HAStV1) has essential value in development of pathology of the person are identified.
Astroviral infection children up to 7 years preferential have, and most often the disease is registered at children about one year.
Seasonality at an astroviral infection is atypical.
Infection source: sick person.
Way of transfer: fecal and oral and contact.

Схематическое изображение астроцитовируса

Schematic image of an astrocytovirus

Treatment Astrovirus infection:

Specific anti-virus therapy is carried out, the symptomatic treatment is shown.

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