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Inflammatory disease of a sclera.

Sclerite symptoms:

The zone of defeat can be limited to small small knots, or the inflammation can take all sclera. The necrotizing sclerite, more rare and dangerous option, can lead to thinning of a sclera. The expressed inflammation of a sclera can be followed by an inflammation of internal covers of an eye.

The sclerite meets at women more often, than at men. The sclerite most often appears at people of middle age - in 40-50 years. Usually one eye gets sick, but both sometimes are surprised.
After attenuation of acute inflammatory process on its place the hem forms. At the same time fabric of a sclera can become thinner and on it protrusions, staphylomas are formed. At the same time the normal sizes of a sclera are broken and sometimes the cornea is tightened in one of the parties, disturbance of its normal curvature and emergence of an astigmatism can be a consequence of what, besides cornea food is broken. As a result of these processes function of sight can be considerably broken.

Sclerite reasons:

In half of cases the sclerite is connected with any general (general) inflammatory disease, such as a pseudorheumatism, a system lupus erythematosus, Bekhterev's disease, etc. The sclerite can be the first manifestation of a general disease and serve its identification. Very seldom the sclerite is connected with an infection.

Treatment of the Sclerite:

It is necessary to reveal a basic disease which complication was an inflammatory process in a sclera and to appoint its treatment. The antibiotics, drugs regulating function of immune system, sometimes glucocorticoids are applied. Surely, especially in a phase of attenuation of acute process, physiotherapeutic treatment is appointed. If purulent process with developing of abscess developed, abscess is opened and the cavity it is drained. Sometimes there is a need for surgical treatment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Sclerite:

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