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Inflammation of an iris of the eye and ciliary body of an eyeglobe. In the general population prevalence makes up to 0,05%. Rheumatism is contributing to development of an iridocyclitis by a disease. At persons with rheumatism prevalence of an iridocyclitis makes 40%. It is most often observed in 20-40 years.

Iridocyclitis symptoms:

Iridocyclites can arise at any age, however persons from 20 to 40 years are ill more often.
The main symptoms of a disease are eye pain, dacryagogue, a photophobia, emergence of precipitated calcium superphosphates on a back surface of a cornea, discoloration and the drawing of an iris, narrowing of a pupil, formation of back commissures — synechias, an opacity of the vitreous body, change of intraocular pressure and decrease in sight.

Iridocyclitis reasons:

Development of an iridocyclitis is promoted: viral infections (herpes, flu, measles), protozoan (malaria toxoplasmosis), bacterial diseases: typhus, pneumonia, gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, rheumatic diseases (rheumatism, the youthful pseudorheumatism ankylosing Bekhterev's spondylarthritis), the diseases connected with disbolism (diabetes, gout, etc.), diseases of teeth, jaws (radical cysts), a nasopharynx and adnexal nasal cavities, general diseases (a sarcoidosis, Bekhchet's disease, Vogt's disease — Koyanagi — Harada), diseases of the fungal nature, and also an injury of eyes (a contusion and wound) and a keratitis.

Treatment of the Iridocyclitis:

First aid at an iridocyclitis consists in a mydriasis. It is directed to prevention of unions of an iris with a crystalline lens and removals of a pain syndrome. For this purpose apply atropine and analgetics.

Treatment is complex. Include direct treatment of infectious process, and use of antiinflammatory drugs.

Iridocyclitis complications, are observed in 20% of cases. They pose a threat both for sight, and for the existence of an eye. Carry to them:

    * union and fusion of a pupil
    * cataract
    * deformation of a vitreous and peeling of a retina
    * vitreous abscess
    * eye atrophy

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Iridocyclitis:

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