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Decrease in sight


Decrease in sight — the deterioration in sight caused by diseases of eyes or functional frustration.

Анатомическое строение глаза

Anatomic structure of an eye

Symptoms of Decrease in sight:

Greasing of contours of the considered details, difficulty of distinguishing of objects or letters of the text.
Feeling of exhaustion and weight in eyes.
Headache and eye pain after long work at a short distance.
Passing diplopia (doubling of objects) during the visual work at a short distance which quickly is eliminated if to cover one eye.
Points of sight do not improve.
At inspection there are no changes of the refracting environments and a bottom of an eye.

Reasons of Decrease in sight:

The main reason for decrease in sight - refraction pathology. Refraction eye disturbances meet very often. About 30% of modern people suffer from these or those anomalies of a refraction. Treat main types of pathologies of a refraction: short-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hypermetropia), an astigmatism, a presbyopy (age far-sightedness), a cataract, a rupture of a retina, a cortical blindness, at a sugar retinopathy, an asthenopia, an amblyopia, a keratotonus, Marfan's syndrome, a choroidal neovascular membrane, a retinitis, a uveitis, increase in intraocular pressure, a retina rubeosis, disturbance blood circulation in eye vessels, retinopathies (including and an epiretinalny membrane), ulcers a cornea, inflammatory, degenerative and many other morbid conditions.

Treatment of Decrease in sight:

For sight normalization doctors recommend good, uniform lighting during visual work at a short distance, frequent rest for eyes, fortifying treatment, normalization of a dream, vitamin A administration of drugs, special eye drops.
    Vitamin A administration of drugs, and also consumption of products rich with it (a liver beef, pork, cod, eggs, caviar whale, etc.) promotes sight improvement. As vitamin A can be formed in an organism of beta carotene, recommend reception of vitamin complexes and consumption of products which are rich with it (a sea-buckthorn, carrots red, pepper red, green onions, spinach, a sorrel, bilberry). The listed vegetables and berries contain also a large amount of the vitamin C which is also improving a condition of all structures of an eye.
    The special exercises training eye muscles are of great importance for maintenance of good sight. Regular trainings are rather effective and will help to improve sight considerably.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Decrease in sight:

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