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Rupture of a retina


Ruptures of a retina are defects of tissue of retina of an eye which in most cases lead to its amotio.
The retina of an eye represents gentle light-sensitive fabric, thickness, on average, about one sixth millimeters. The retina rather densely in the area, the so-called, gear line – a zone of transition of a retina to a ciliary body and about an optic disk is attached. Under the influence of various reasons, any local influence there are also ruptures of a retina.

Symptoms of the Rupture of a retina:

In most cases symptoms of emergence of a rupture of a retina are absent and only at special survey they can be found.
Sometimes there are flashes of light or a lightning especially noticeable in the darkened room. They arise because of a retina tension in the place of a gap.
Suddenly appeared front sights before an eye can be manifestation of the begun back amotio of a vitreous, and can be manifestation of a vitreous hemorrhage from become torn, together with a blood vessel retina.
The dark veil before an eye which appeared from any party – a terrible symptom of the begun retina amotio at which it is necessary to address at once to department of acute management of an ophthalmologic hospital as in case of delay there is a risk of total loss of sight.
Deterioration in sight – can be manifestation of a macular gap or amotio of the retina which reached the central area.

Reasons of the Rupture of a retina:

Valve gaps. Dense unions between a retina and a vitreous contribute to their emergence. With age development, so-called back amotio of a vitreous at which the gel located in a vitreous begins to come to space between a retina and a membrane of a vitreous is possible. The vitreous membrane at the expense of it exfoliates from a retina more and stronger, at the same time if there are any dense unions between a retina and a vitreous, then under the influence of such pressure there is a retina separation in a zone of an attachment and there is retina amotio.
Perforated gaps – are observed in zones of the thinned retina and, as a rule, on the periphery at, so-called peripheral dystrophies of a retina. From all variety of peripheral dystrophies of a retina "main suppliers" of gaps are "trellised dystrophy" and retina dystrophy on the "trace of a snail" type. In the field of such changed sites, usually there are also unions with a vitreous. Thus, or such perforated gap can independently lead to retina amotio, or under the influence of back amotio of a vitreous.
Retina separations from the gear line – are a consequence of disturbance of normal anatomic contact of a retina with the gear line. As a rule, develops after an injury or severe concussion.
Macular gap – a difficult situation at which the opening in the central area of a retina, that area which provides good sight forms. The macular gap is a consequence of a dense union of a vitreous with a retina in a macular zone. There is a tension of a retina and the gap forms.

The promoting factors.

At the available reasons which can lead to formation of a rupture of a retina there are also various factors promoting its progressing and emergence of amotio of a retina. Among them – an exercise stress, especially heavy lifting, jumps and sharp inclinations; stupid injury of the head; severe stress, increase in arterial pressure.

Treatment of the Rupture of a retina:

All gaps can potentially lead to a heavy complication – retina amotio. In the presence of gaps without retina amotio – the procedure of laser coagulation of a retina – creation of the barrier preventing development of amotio of a retina is carried out.
At emergence of a macular gap or emergence of amotio of a retina laser treatment will not help any more and it is necessary to perform operation – or a vitrectomy at a macular rupture or heavy amotio of a retina, or operation with sealing of a sclera a silicone sponge.
After the carried-out treatment patients have to reside under observation of the ophthalmologist as ruptures of a retina can appear during all life. It is also desirable to avoid heavy exercise stresses and the other, promoting amotio of a retina factors.

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