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The pterygium (alate pleva) is a pathological increase of a conjunctiva on a cornea. The pterygium gradually progresses and reaches on a cornea the central area, closing a pupil and, as a result, worsens sight.

Part of a pterygium which is spliced with a cornea is called a head. Other part going from a conjunctiva and penetrated by vessels is called a pterygium body.

Most often the pterygium accrues from the nasal party, but happens, the alate pleva accrues on a cornea along with two parties.

Pterygium symptoms:

At first the pterygium does not prove in any way therefore patients seldom address the ophthalmologist – only if they are disturbed by cosmetic defect as the pterygium is visible with the naked eye.

In process of progressing of a pterygium complaints appear: feeling of a foreign body in an eye, chronic irritation of eyes, feeling of the dryness caused by disturbance of formation of the lacrimal film. At increase of a conjunctiva on the central area a cornea the expressed decrease in sight and an astigmatism is noted. The pterygium can inflame, at the same time the expressed reddening of an eye, a chemosis, forming a pterygium is observed, the itch, the raised dacryagogue can disturb.

Pterygium reasons:

The pterygium is quite eurysynusic. Occurs at people of any age category, but a thicket at mature age. More develops at residents of the southern areas. The exact reason of formation of a pterygium is unknown, but its development is connected with continuous influence of dust, wind, ultraviolet radiation. Note as well genetic predisposition.

Treatment of the Pterygium:

Treatment of a pterygium - surgical. If the patient is not disturbed by cosmetic defect, not progressing pterygiums which slightly come on a cornea, it is possible not to delete. If the pterygium progresses, then it needs to be removed as soon as possible. As after removal on a cornea there can be opacification, it is impossible to assume that the conjunctiva expanded to the central optical area.

After usual excision patholologically of the expanded conjunctiva from a cornea, a pterygium recurrence is often observed. There is a set of the techniques directed to prevention of a recurrence of a pterygium – processing metomitsiny With or liquid nitrogen for suppression of pathological growth of a conjunctiva. It is recommended to use the special equipment of a zavertyvaniye of the excised pterygium during removal. Some clinics having the specialized equipment apply a technique of the combined surgical treatment of a pterygium with single-step eksimerlazerny grinding of a cornea.

After surgical removal of a pterygium antibacterial, antiinflammatory drops and ointments are appointed to several days.

For prevention of development and recuring of a pterygium protection against the sun, dust and wind, use of the moistening drops and gels is recommended.  

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