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Syndrome of a dry eye


Syndrome of a dry eye — one of the most frequent reasons of the address of people to ophthalmologists. He usually is called by disturbance of quality of the lacrimal film which greases an eye surface. The lacrimal film covers with a thin layer the surface of an eye, serves as lubricant between an eye and centuries at the movements of an eyeglobe, protects it from drying, contains the substances feeding a cornea and protecting an eye from pathogenic microbes.

The lacrimal film consists of three uneven layers. Slime layer is in direct contact with an eye, creating the base for all film. The average water layer contains moisture which feeds a cornea. This layer for 98% consists of water, and also salts, proteins and other substances. The outside fatty layer — the thinnest grease layer which covers a film and slows down its evaporation.

Tears are formed in several glands around an eye. A water part is produced in the lacrimal gland located behind an upper eyelid. Several smaller pieces of iron in the thickness of a century and a conjunctiva cosecrete fatty and mucous layers. With each morgatelny movement eyelids distribute a tear on the surface of an eye. Its surplus flows down in 2 thinnest lacrimal tubules in an internal corner of an eye. The lacrimal tubules open in a dacryocyst which by means of the lacrimonasal channel is reported with a nasal cavity. The fact that when crying from a nose liquid flows is also explained by this message of conjunctival and nasal cavities.

Slezoobrazovaniye can be started reflex in response to extra eye incentives, such as pain, emotions. However such reflex tears do not calm a dry eye and therefore with wet eyes the irritation can disturb the person.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of a dry eye:

    * itch;
    * burning;
    * irritation;
    * reddening of eyes;
    * indistinct sight which is recovered after blinking;
    * dacryagogue;
    * strengthening of discomfort after reading, viewing of the TV or work on the computer.

Diagnosis of a syndrome of a dry eye. There are several diagnostic methods of a syndrome of a dry eye. The doctor first of all will define his reason, having measured the speed of formation of a tear, speed of evaporation and quality of the lacrimal film. Special drops which emphasize changes in a different way invisible, especially help to estimate existence and expressiveness of dryness.

Reasons of the Syndrome of a dry eye:

At a syndrome of a dry eye there are a lot of reasons. One of the most frequent — normal process of aging. In process of aging our organism makes less fatty secret — in 65 years of 40% of level 18-year-old. It is more expressed at women who have a skin usually to the land, than at men. The lack of fatty secretion affects also stability of the lacrimal film. Without enough fat process of evaporation of the lacrimal film accelerates that leads to emergence of dry spots on a cornea surface.

Many other factors, such as hot, arid or windy climate, highlands, air conditioning and cigarette smoke can cause/aggravate a syndrome of a dry eye. Many people begin to sicken eyes during the reading or work on the computer. Periodic derivation from work with frequent blinking brings more comfort.

Users contact lenses can also feel unpleasant feelings because of dryness as lenses absorb in themselves the lacrimal film, laying on themselves the proteins which are its part. Certain drugs, diseases of a thyroid gland, deficit of vitamin A, and Parkinson and Shegren's disease can cause dryness also. Women often begin to have problems with dry eyes in process of development of a menopause because of hormonal changes.

Treatment of the Syndrome of a dry eye:

Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye always individually. Many reach relief of symptoms just regularly applying drops of an artificial tear. Some of these products liquid also work shortly, others — more densely and remain on the surface of an eye longer. The artificial tear without preservatives is always more preferable as it best of all calms eyes and contains least of all additional components which can irritate. Avoid drops which quickly remove reddening of eyes. They try to obtain it narrowing conjunctival vessels, have no the sufficient moistening properties and only aggravate a problem.

Other approach consists in closing of an opening of the lacrimal tubule with a special plastic stopper. It reduces loss of the lacrimal liquid due to reduction of its natural outflow. The stopper can be put for a while if it is made of the resolving collagen, or on rather constant carrying if it is made of silicone.

There are also simple councils for change of a way of life helping to cope with dry eyes. For example, the use of 8-10 glasses of liquid in day will support an organism in well hydrated state and will accelerate removal of slags. Consciously try to blink more often, especially when you read or you watch TV. Do not rub eyes — it only strengthens irritation.

How to be if the xerophthalmus arose because of carrying lenses.  In the modern world, the contact way of correction of sight took, actually, leading place. Lenses are convenient, allow not to change activity of a way of life and do not exert impact on outward. However, about emergence of lenses, there were also unpleasant effects which their carriers can collide. One of such effects is the xerophthalmus. And if in time not to pay attention that at you eyes, that is risk of development of such unpleasant disease as - a syndrome of "a dry eye" dry. The syndrome of a dry eye is the very widespread disease in ophthalmology which is characterized by insufficient moistening of a conjunctiva and cornea of eyes with the subsequent increase of symptoms of a xerosis. Carrying low-quality lenses and lenses which do not suit you by the size can become one of risk factors of its emergence. Development of a syndrome of "a dry eye" in most cases forces people to refuse comfort of lenses in favor of points as the slightest symptoms of this disease are only aggravated with their carrying. But modern technologies do not stand still and to combine the uncomfortable moments of work at office with carrying contact lenses – quite perhaps. Rather just to choose lenses which are made of material hyper gel. This material  completely corresponds to moisture content of a cornea and imitates action of a natural lipidic layer of the lacrimal film. One-day lenses of BiotrueONEday belong to one of such lenses. At their recommendation ophthalmologists emphasize that these lenses will suit all who use a contact method of correction of sight as they not only  well pass oxygen, but also have the optimum moisture content equal to amount of moisture of a cornea of an eye of the person. The feeling of comfort in these lenses remains even if to carry them more than 16 hours,  thanks to their unique ability to hold moisture that positively influences a condition of eyes by the end of day.

Remember that treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye is important not only in respect of achievement of good health, but also for maintenance of health of a cornea.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of a dry eye:

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