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Keratopathy is, as a rule, chronic noninflammatory diseases which cornerstone disbolism in a cornea or in all organism is.  The reasons of dystrophies of a cornea are various. Allocate primary and secondary to a keratopathy.

Keratopathy symptoms:

Keratopathy are shown by its hypostasis, a thickening, opacification. At the same time the patient complains of pain, feeling of a foreign body in an eye, a photophobia, dacryagogue. Over time these symptoms can be weakened in connection with decrease in sensitivity of a cornea. In process of progressing of a disease visual acuity decreases.

Keratopathy reasons:

Primary a keratopathy often are the chronic, heredo-familial, genetically caused disease. Oniobychno bilateral, that is develop on both eyes, begin at children's or youthful age, gradually (sometimes very slowly) progress, leading to disturbance of transparency of a cornea, and as a result – to deterioration in sight.

Secondary a keratopathy arise as a complication of eye operations, and also inflammations, injuries, cornea burns. Unlike primary, at a secondary keratopathy one eye which was affected by an adverse factor usually gets sick; under the influence of medical actions there can occur recovery.

Treatment of the Keratopathy:

Treatment of keratopatiya consists in prescription of medicines (drops, ointments), improving food of a cornea, increasing its transparency (vitamins, biogenic stimulators, resorptional drugs), antibacterial agents. Sometimes carrying medical contact lenses gives effect. In the hard, far come cases the keratoplasty (keratoplasty) is carried out.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Keratopathy:

  • Препарат Солкосерил гель.

    Solkoseril gel

    Reparations of fabrics stimulator.

    MEDA Manufacturing GmbH (MEDA MANUFAKCHURING Gmbh) Germany


  • Препарат Дефислез.


    Drug for moistening and protection of a cornea.

    JSC Sintez Russia

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