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Lagophthalmia  (from Greek lagos - a hare and ophthalmos - an eye) - an ophthalmologic disease, incomplete closing of an eye (eyelids are not closed, quite often there is a cornea inflammation) at paralysis of a facial nerve, inborn korotkost a century, their rubtsevy ectropion, etc.

Lagophthalmia symptoms:

The palpebral fissure is slightly opened even in attempt of the patient to close it and during sleep. The lower eyelid lags behind the main apple, dacryagogue. The lagophthalmia leads to drying of a conjunctiva and cornea which can be complicated by an erosion, a keratohelcosis (keratitis), its opacification.

Lagophthalmia reasons:

The lagophthalmia develops owing to paralysis of the branches of a facial nerve innervating a circular muscle a century after flu, after an injury, diseases of the central nervous system; at an exophthalmos, the century can be a consequence of inborn shortening.

Treatment of the Lagophthalmia:

Treatment of a basic disease. An instillation in an eye of the disinfecting drops (30% of Sulfacylum-natrium, 0,02% Furacilin solution), "an artificial tear". For prevention of drying and prevention of an infection for the night in an eye put ointment with antibiotics, sea-buckthorn oil, a sterile liquid paraffin. At severe forms perhaps surgical intervention consisting in partial sewing up of a palpebral fissure. During remission sanatorium treatment in sanatoria with a medical profile is recommended.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Lagophthalmia:

  • Препарат Лакэмокс.


    Drugs for treatment of diseases of eyes. Other ophthalmologic means

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus


  • Препарат Дефислез.


    Drug for moistening and protection of a cornea.

    JSC Sintez Russia

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